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Half day?

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I ended up going to work late and having to wear the diaper I was sleeping in and same cloths twice. I went to bed not too long after I wrote my first blog entree yesterday which was very early. It was still day light. I don't use an alarm sometimes due to being able to wake up naturally at 6am. When I woke up it was light out and I thought it was still the day before.

I went back to sleep and when I woke up it was 11am and not pm. Thinking my clock was wrong I got on my computer to see the actual time and day to find out it was indeed the next day. I got my clothes on that I wore yesterday and grabbed a pop tart with my sewing bag to head to work. Lunch begins at 11 so I only had a couple of minutes after I talked to my boss about why I was not there on time.

To my surprise she said it was ok. She also seemed to be in the middle of something on the computer. I went to the smoke area and ate one pastry and had to head to work since the bell rang before I had time to finish. I put what was left in my sewing bag and headed to the back of the workshop.

The good news is that I was put on something different since someone had the seat I was in yesterday. I may not have mentioned this but the job we had was very difficult due to the company our job was for. They did not want any specs on the advertisements what so ever. I was very irritated yesterday because they would not listen to my explanation that I cannot see the smallest of dirt. I am supposed to be wearing glasses but I don't since I can see where I am going and when there is fine print that I have to read I ask others to read it to me.

Back to what I was put on today I had to put a snap around a ring on a key fob but was not on that very long. I was fine with having to move again due to the fact I was still waking up. I was put on a higher paying job of rolling tape. This tape that we roll in lengths of ten feet is used for rapping around pipe and in general fix leaks in various places. It looks like a fruit roll up but after peeling off the plastic is impossible to keep from sticking to itself.

I got home and was happy to see the UPS stop by to deliver two big boxes that had my 120 diapers. The boxes for the most part did not have any markings that would tell what they were except for XL and 20 count. The guy did not ask any questions and did not act like he knew what was in the boxes. I think he did but was in a really good mood and made my day better.

As an end note to today’s blog I will accept critique for my writing. I gave some thought into it and realized that I don't think anyone would give me the time or day to read my writings about my little pony. Most if not all the people where I work could care less. I was irritated yesterday because it was my first day in diapers and I was not having a good day with what we had to do. I ask though that if you want to help me learn better writing skills; use terms that I can find in a book on writing and explain the best you can on how I could write something better.

Thanks for reading...

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  1. Marka's Avatar
    You probably don't want to learn writing from me...I have bad habits.
    I didn't think your writing here was bad...I got a lot of bits of things in your day...I'm not entirely sure what you would like the reader to take away from this though.

    I do like the self-vulcanizing rubber-tape...that stuff is great! and I do occasionally wake up on the wrong side of the clock too...

    Good luck to you!
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