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First day diaperd at work

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I wore a normal diaper that had tabs under a black shirt and overalls. I should have taken a picture but ended up forgetting. The first few hours at work were the most nerve wrecking as I figured out that a diaper with tabs has a hard time staying up. They fell down in my overalls and every time they did I wondered if other people figured out I had a diaper on underneath.

Through the whole day I never had anyone ask if I had on a diaper not once. I wondered though and I had the sinking feeling that some did. I work at a sheltered workshop were some people are IC and some that were IC are in wheal chairs. I wish I had my pinkie pie to take a mental brake but I am happy I have her in my arms as I am typing.

I went to the bathroom just about every time I had the chance so that I did not have temptation to use the diaper. I want to try and get use to the diaper first and then try and wet. I need to practice taking one off and bagging it before I do it at work. That means local restrooms first.

By lunch time I can say that I have relaxed because I thought to myself if some one could tell if I was in a diaper they did not really care or they did not want to embarrass me. I had times that I walked funny and I knew I was because I would correct my footing to try and walk normal again.

After lunch on the last break of the day I wanted to talk to the one person that knew I had a fetish with diapers but did not know I made a choice to use diapers as a connection to my soft side. I wanted to ask her if she could tell if I wore one but she never asked so that was really encouraging. At the same time I wanted to know for sure. I also wanted her to know I am doing this to try and lose my fetish. I want to be turned on by casual stuff and in a marriage that does not need it.

When I got to her she was outside smoking with others and I did not want to bother her and I really did not want to blow my cover if no one really knew. I swallowed my pride and faced the rest of the day.

Out of this whole day that passed the only question that any one asked me was why I started to wear overalls. Truth be told There are many reasons why I wanted to and diapers just happened to be one of them. My parents live on a farm and I have a work shop in their barn that I craft things out of wood in.

As a last note I want to admit something that I am not proud of. For a long time since high school I had problems urinating standing up and often times had to wait several minutes to pee sitting down. Before I started wearing diapers for leisure I wanted to have a way to not have to try so hard to pee. When I was done fantasizing I wanted to try and make it easier because of my problems urinating. I won't go into detail but I tried to put a catheter in. I ended up bleeding a little out my urethra. I ask those of you reading this don't do this to yourself because without the proper care you could cause major damage to your system.

I am going to tell my mother and my doctor about this and I am hoping that I may not have screwed anything up. It was two weeks since I did this to myself and I am lucky I am not in major pain. I endured pain in my crotch for a little while but that went away. I don't think I could explain to anyone just how important it is not to find a way to IC. So I ask that you try 24/7 in diapers first and work your way up to a comfortable wetting and then decide if you want to continue. Give it time because this is the way you learn.

I also ask that you understand that writing was not my best subject in school even though I love to write fiction. I am looking into getting better with practice and with some one I know who can help me get better. I hope you understand. I would appreciate any comments or questions you have be about my story or who I am and not about my writing skills just yet. I will let you know. It will be better by the third entree.

Best wishes Pebble.
Diaper 24/7


  1. kennyrallen's Avatar
    Most of the time no really notices if some is wearing a diaper. Only if gets exposed by accident. I have worn to work a lot of times.

    I see you are in your 20's might ask your Dr. if you might have a prostrate problem. The hard starting sounds like might be.

    I don't have a problems starting only have a little left over when I go and it comes out in spurts after words getting my shorts wet. Got so bad I'm now diapered 24/7.

    I have a problem with #2 setting down much easier for me standing up. Sorry if this grosses you out I know some don't like to talk about #2
  2. MatalicPebble's Avatar
    I am not easily grossed out. I clean my church's toilets and I am one of the few that does not wear gloves. I wash my hands after I get all the toilets clean mind you but I can say that it does not bother me.

    If I can get a better paying job as janeter and table buffer at at resturaunt I would be fine. I can clean stuff off the floor by the toilet and that would not bother me. I know I am disturbed. I work wth the $4 an hour if I am lucky. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.