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The Lactose Intolerant Shalt Never Partake of the Cream. Especially the Iced Kind.

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...and by that I mean--



You'll stink de whole place up.

Luckily, I adore ice cream--and its' effects on my body don't hurt (they're just a little...explosive). Not to mention, it's a lot cheaper (and I trust what's in it a lot more) than suppositories and laxatives.

Last week I cleaned out my stash, tossing the last 3 or 4 of the style of diaper I hated (Screw you, Certainty! You and your sticky substance that doesn't hold your front panel on, and just gets all over my hands and legs!) and getting rid of two empty bags of wipes (as well at one container of really good baby food I left next to the bad and then forgot about...sadface). This gave me ample room to go out and buy the only brand I could find at Walgreens that I still like. Tena diapers seem to have gone missing, but they still have the Depends--which is better than nothing. Plus, I never realized just how important the right brand of wipes was, until I switched from Walgreens to a random brand and back to Walgreens...they're so amazingly large and moist--I won't go back unless I have to! (And some day I'll actually remember to pick up some baby lotion...I went to grab some last time, but in my hurry--I swapped it for baby shampoo.)

Today I ran out and got 3 types of ice cream--Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, and Cotton Candy--and in this heat? It serves a triple purpose. Tomorrow my housemate'll be out, and I'll be having a little fun with it.

Baby Powder? Check.
Diapers that don't suck? Check.
Super Special Awesome Wipes? Check.
Rash Cream, for just in case? Check.
Footie Sleeper, fresh out of the wash? Check.
Ice Cream? Check.

Sunday Night PARTAY!

P.S. I find it kind of funny--but I don't identify as AB, just as DL. And yet, I LOVE wearing diapers in my sleeper. Oh well. -shrug-

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