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the most embarassing diaper wetting experiance ever

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so here's the story
it involves my girlfriend (who's only known about my love for AB stuff within the past year and is still uncertain but supportive of the whole of the idea)
and myself. shes been getting more comfortable with the idea over time so recently i asked if she would mind changing me.
she agreed, i did the whole wetting thing (while standing up because i found it more comfortable)
and then went to lay down on my bed to get changed, it was at this point i realized that the diaper i was wearing wasn't in the least bit absorbent and by laying down
i'd soaked the towel i was laying on, plus my new bedsheets...

this would be inconvenient and tolerable, if i didn't live with my parents mind you. since i do it turned into even more of a nightmare pretty quickly
we decided the best thing to do (since it was about 3 in the morning) was wash the sheets and quick dry them so we might actually get some chance of sleeping on them afterwards
what we didnt count on though was the proximity of the laundry to my parents bedroom, of course the whole washing process woke them up and they asked what had happened
we made up a crazy story about how we spilt some food and had to clean it up, i guess it must have seemed plausible but we did get some pretty strange looks from my parents.
suffice to say the whole experience left me pretty embarrassed and i feel really bad for putting my girlfriend through it all.
strangely enough i dont think she'll say yes to that request again in a hurry.

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