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another uneventful day in the life of yours truely

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so this is what i usually do with my days when i'm not at school, its infact so boring and mundane that it can be put into dot points

-1-4 pm: wake up and nom a characteristically not so healthy brunch of whatever usually junk food, occasionally pizza, pasta maybe scrambled eggs and bacon
sit around and play video games, or play guitar and write songs
-2-6 pm: go for a walk somewhere, usually down to the supermarket or the video store or if i'm feeling adventurous into the city to buy/layby stuff i don't really need
7-12 pm: eat a dinner of sorts usually its something more healthy then breakfast, somtimes its chocolate and vodka sometimes its take out food, sometimes its a lavishly expensive healthy meal
12 - 5 a.m: roam the net mindlessly, create music, watch youtube or a few movies, smoke cigarettes, drink waaay too much caffeine...

i do all of this whilst wearing a tonne of eye makeup, with painted nails and dressed mostly in black, so maybe you could call this the life of a goth?
keep in mind im not an overly social person and i think my schedual confirms it although it dosen't mean im not talkative or playful or happy going about my day to day life
i would leave my room more and go out and be social but my anxiety problems make that somewhat difficult.
i guess if graveyards had free wifi i'd chill there instead but you know, there is alot of cool stuff in my room :P

anyway that's the end of my first blog post, if you want to read more uninteresting stuff written by me (or my cat who seems to love jumping on the computer keyboard)
drop me a comment below.

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