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ShadowHare´s DDO-Diary

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It´s been... well... some time since we started playing DDO together.

That´s Fruitkitty, a human wizard with a great talent for finding enemies, and traps,
Eulogy, an elven rogue with the ability to blow up those traps,
myself, ShadowHare, dwarven slayer of countless monstrosities/keeper of the mushroom-secret, and of course, Moo, the mysterious leader of our little group, mostly seen in the shape of a coldblooded wolf... or a dancing bear.
There are quite a few other people, but I didn´t really get to play with them, so, I´ll leave it at that for now ^^

Much has happened, and I´ve decided to share (parts of) our journey with you (the obviously bored reader :p) every now and then.
Whenever I feel like it.
Whenever something mentionable has happened.
Just because.

It´s a tale of danger, death, and glory.
The sinister story of great achievements, an everlasting hunt for fame, blood, and... platinum.
Told by myself. The Hare.

Let me begin with... the most recent happenings...

2013, July

It´s early. Didn´t sleep last night.
The sound of shattering bones, voices of the past, and the thirst for fresh blood kept me awake.
That, and the screaming vendor right next to me.
Broke his legs. Made him scream even louder.
Broke his arms. Made him cry.
Ripped off his head. Silence. Finally.
Sold the head to a vendor only a few metres away. Nice guy.
Had no tongue. Seemed to be scared.
Must´ve seen something horrible.

Suddenly Moo showed up.
Said something about the Necropolis. Something about evil, deep down in the shadows.
„Whatever“, I thought.
„Shadows. Ha! I grew up with those creatures! Darkness was my family!“.
Picked up Fruitkitty, and made our way down to some strange kind of crypt.
Silence. Cold. Spider webs. The smell of death.
Ahh, what a nice place.
Rooms of pure emptiness ahead. Kitty seemed to be uncertain. Babbled something about a „puzzle“, said we should be careful.
He even tried to kill the darkness with some fire-magic.
Didn´t work. Foolish human. Should´ve brought a torch.
I simply kept going, until I left the center of blackness and entered a room, filled with most annoying creatures.
Killed all of them. They were no threat.
My reward: A shiny chest.
I opened it, expecting huge amounts of gold, or at least an ancient, allmighty axe, but everything that´s in there was some sort of coloured gear. One of many.
Now, at least we knew what we had to do.
Find all those gears.

While Kitty and Moo were still busy figuring out which way to go, I simply followed my trusty instincts.
Once again, darkness devoured me.
Once again, I found myself inside a strangely illuminated room.
And once again, ugly monsters attacked me.
Not bigger than most humans. Ha!
Within seconds I ripped out their legs, took another gear with me and headed to the next room. Everything was going well.
I killed. I picked up the gears. I advanced.
But then, at some point, the fear-filled screams of Fruitkitty became just too nerv wrecking, and I decided to join up with him and Moo again. Before they´d get hurt.

Slaughtering and looting, we walked through the beast-infested passages of darkness until we finally obtained the last gear. It didn´t take long to find out what those things actually were there for.
We reached a long hallway, many coloured levers on each side. The gears allowed us to use all of them.

A door opened. The wolf´s growling filled the air.
Another room. Inside: The Shadow Council.
Four mad ghosts, talking to each other as if their words weren´t just a bunch of lined up letters.
They spoke to us, summoned a Spectre and watched me... watched us destroy its transparent body. Hateful creature.
Then, the real fight began.
Four crazy, powerful Wraiths, trying to eat our souls.
Well, someone should´ve told them that they´d choke on mine.
I dodged. I raged.
I defeated the rotten creatures.
... With some support. Moo and Fruitkitty were there too, I think.
But it wasn´t over. No. Not yet.

The silent emptiness of a last room awaited us.
Mere darkness.
A quiet moment passed by, and then, the final challenge appeared. A vampire, smirking, whispering, thinking he could deafeat me... us. The sound of steel, and teeth, tearing through undead flesh, the blood, the pain.
It was beautiful.
The vampire summoned a whole army of his brothers.
They were as ugly as himself.
And just as easy to defeat.
The sound of violent death was accompanied by nothing but the panicky screams of Fruitkitty.
„Help!“, he yelled.
„I´m being dominated!“.
For a moment paralysed by my comrade´s strange choice of words,
I finally gathered enough strength to finish the foul beast.
It fell to the ground, and just when I tried to take its shimmering teeth, it transformed into a swarm of horribly loud shrieking bats, and vanished into the depths of endless night.

Our reward: Three chests.
Gold, platinum, a few useless, yet valuable weapons, and a rather nice looking axe.
Another one for my wide collection.
„Axecellent!“, I thought.

Soon, we left the crypt.

As we returned to the world above, cold rain, the chilling sounds of a whispering wind, and a cloak of slowly hovering fog welcomed us.
That, and the smell of Moo´s wet fur.
Fruitkitty and the wolf, both exhausted from the fight, laid down to rest in a small tavern nearby.
I couldn´t rest. Not a single mushroom had crossed my path during this quest.
This was going to be a sleepless night.
Another one.

The End (?)

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