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Borderline Insomnia: The Positive

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I often have trouble sleeping. Sometimes I stay up till dawn. I really love getting up in the early morning, preferably just before sunrise, to go hit the gym. Problem is my sleeping patterns. Even when I get in bed by 10:30, I'm tossing and turning for hours, often for so long that the little sleep I'd get wouldn't be worth it as my body would not be fully rested. Obviously, I know this is not healthy. Truth be told, I just can't keep my brain from thinking when I'm lying in bed wide awake. I absolutley refuse to try Ambien or other pharmaceuticals for fear of addiction, or one of the many side-effects those types of meds can produce. Often, I can use an herbal remedy, but then I wake up groggier, albeit rested, than usual. As much as I hate napping during the day to make up for the lack of nocturnal sleep, one thing that does feel nice about it is my diaper. When I'm exhausted and/or sleep deprived, nothing feels better than lying down in a freshly powdered diaper. Man, is that ever relaxing!

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