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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

My dad is awesome. :3

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We went to walgreens today, and I was able to get diapers. They have tabs on the side too and are walgreens brand also. I'm wearing a wet one right now. I placed it one of my maxi pads for extra absorbency. I really don't know what I'm going to do with this wet diaper, so I'm going to wear it for a while.


  1. LilCoyote's Avatar
    Parents. Just when you think you have them figured out, they do something great. Congrats, it's great he accepts your DL side.
  2. RainbowShy's Avatar
    He doesn't know. XD I just asked him if I could get them and he let me. I didn't have to say why or anything. That's what I meant because I wasn't even in my period.
  3. LilCoyote's Avatar
    Sorry, I jumped to the wrong conclusion. But anyway, he still sounds great, letting you have them. Enjoy!
  4. jayjay213's Avatar
    damn i wish it was that easy for me i have to get them on rare, rare occasions and then feel really akward about it on my own when it comes to the actual buying part let alone it happening with the knowlage of parents, so i think you're pretty lucky in that regard.
  5. Starfox's Avatar
    I'm glad you got what you wanted. Kinda jealous you have such a nice dad...

    Anyways finally got my green nametag! *jumps up and down* I wouldn't mind playing with the Chessie Cat sometimes, if you'd like. *paw*

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