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Bad Drivers Out Today/Band Director Quotes

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Today I was driving with my friend, taking him (and myself) home from school. Rather than say in chronological order, I'll just list them:

* When leaving the parking lot someone was somehow perpendicularly-placed in the way of the exit. Took awhile for them to fix themselves. I wanted to fix them!
* I was driving down the street and I passed a bus that was going to turn left, and this guy comes roaring up behind me and slams on his breaks. I was going the speed limit, so as soon as I got past the bus I moved aside for him and he flipped me off as I drove by.
* Someone who looks like Cylendri or what tried to change into my lane... when I was driving right beside them. The driver looked too young to be driving and she didn't have a parent in the car.
* Lastly, there's a spot where people always line up to turn left and sometimes it goes into the left lane. Well, there were like three people who were, again, perpendicular to the curb somehow and took up the left lane. I was in the center one though so it was no problem

Yeah. We're notorious for our horrible and rude drivers in Arizona.


This morning in band the director said some especially dumb things. Like, not annoying dumb, but laugh out loud dumb. He always says things like that, and I'll name a few after these two:

1) Walking is for people without legs!
2) Trumpets, have you been sleeping with your metronome? No? Are you out of batteries? Abagail here knows where to get batteries. From me.

Okay, awk-ward...

And here are some assorted other ones:

* Just because your name is John doesn't mean you can act stupid.
* Don't ask questions, know the answer!
* This is not walking it back band. This is marching band.
(five minutes later)
This is not marching band, this is running it back band!
* Train your hair not to move.
* Pick up the chips on the field. Just don't take them from my front yard.
* 100%s are reserved for Adam, the soloist!

Good times. If only he would say more stuff like this I'd have a longer list.


  1. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    Ha you think that is bad come to louisiana.
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    I have yet to obviously flip someone off yet while driving...I flip them off in my mind though >.>
  3. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
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