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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

I have another idea...

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I had a story idea about a fourteen year old autistic girl who gets bullied for being different. She starts wetting the bed because of all the stress she's being put through. I was hoping to make it into an ABDL story because maybe she starts enjoying the goodnites and wanting to be treated like a baby. But her mother is against the idea of it at first until she brings it up with the school counselor. Her counselor could think of this as a good idea, considering how the girl is going through so much.

I realize I need to think of a backstory for my character to determine what sorts over things could have contributed to her desire to be an ABDL. I just don't have any ideas for that right now. Maybe perhaps she had lots of head injuries as a child that affected her memory and her childhood? (That's actually something that has happened to me. I acquired a lot of head injuries and have memory loss. )

So, what do you think? Could this work?

And yes, I want my character be autistic because that's my comfort zone. It makes my stories flow better. >_<

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