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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

These are just thoughts so...

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I don;t think I'll ever go as far as being an adult baby. I don't want to become incontinent either by peeing in diapers all the time. It's just something I'd have to explain to my mother and probably have her yell at me for it, and I'm not looking forward to that. I don't want to become addicted to this either, at least not until I can find some way to explain it.

I hope you guys understand. This is just me, not anyone else. It's because I'm in a tight situation where my parents are not the understanding type. I can't just bring up what a AB/DL is and expect them to get it. I'm sure it's something a lot of you can relate to.

...that and I ran out of diapers. I find it to be a good thing right now. My anxiety is acting up on me and making it harder for me. I don't want to over do it. Anyway, I'm in the mood for some applesauce.

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