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The Misadventures of an Adult Little~

Lol meh...

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I haven't been here in a while. Nothing has really changed about me though. I did get back into music. I also got a new iPod nano. It's yellow, and his name is Joltik! lol. I like to name my electronics. My iPhone's name is sebasuchanII because its my second iPhone. Then there is Izaya jr., my iPad which is my second as well.

...yeah, I'm not very good with electronics. XD But yeah. I named my nano Joltik after a little tick pokemon. This little critter is also yellow and electric, hence the reason I got a yellow nano to name Joltik. XD It's something different, and I like to be different. :3

In other news, my favorite band called My Chemical Romance broke up a few months ago. I've adored this band since the age of sixteen. It was rather sad for me, but I was able to buy an MCR shirt to remember them.

Oh, and I peed in a diaper with a maxi pad. It felt really good, but now I'm out of diapers. ><

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