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Mental rant # ? (I have lost count)

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To whom it may concern.

The following is an attempt at a coping mechanism to squelch an anxiety attack.

I have been having a devil of a time getting the lawn mowed and the garden put in this year. If the weather has not gotten me stopped,then my allergies (related to the weather) has. Then on top of all that I have been bleeding money to the local repair shop for equipment. I had everything planned out and a schedule made up to get thing done. I had a friend give me a cultivator (sight unseen) to repair mine. The problem was that my model was 10 years older and the two did not match, so I had the newer one repaired. It would have been cheaper to just buy a new one, then the rain started in and I got stopped for a month. In the mean time I had to start on the lawn. First the mower/tractor would not start, so I got it charged. That did not take and it died on me half way through the first pass. So I had to push it up the hill to really put a good charge on the battery. Did that and started to head back where I left off to mow. Drove about 25 ft and blew the piston out. So I got the push mower going and started mowing. Did ok for about an hour and the rear wheel fell off. So I waited for payday and replaced that, and started again. Got about 1/4 of the way done and the other wheel fell off. So I replaced that and the weather went bad and could not get out for two weeks. I borrowed the neighbors lawn tractor and got the lawn mowed. Fixed the wheel on the mower and started all over again. Started to work on the garden weeds so I could get the garden going, and the pull cord broke on the mower. Got 4 of 30 beds in and started mowing again, then blew the carburetor off the mower, and it started raining again. So I borrowed the neighbors mower again and got about 3/4 of the lawn mowed and hit a gopher run the tire stuck in the trench that it turned into an broke the steering shaft. So now it is sunny and the part to fix the neighbors tractor is not available for two weeks. In the mean time he needs his tractor and I told him the story and he was cool with that and surprised I was replacing the part. Being a retired railroad man he showed me that there is nothing that cant bee wielded. So he fixed it and took it home. In the mean time I have to do something so I took my savings and bought a new lawn mower. I started mowing the lawn and getting caught up, NOT!

I had been fighting the allergies and the weather turned nasty again. I worked as much as possible on the lawn and keeping everything else caught up. I have a good chunk of the lawn done but the garden is a jungle. I am running out of time and have to attack this systematically. The lawn mower is good but not great. It has this self choke system and it works ok but if it stops suddenly AKA hits a gopher mound, it stalls and the choke has to cool to get it to start again, or if it works for a log period of time and I stop to unload the basket, then it will not start. So I have to mow a while do something else, then go back and mow for a while. I started doing the uneven ground part and if it gets to steep then the oil gets into the piston wrong and it smokes like I elected a new pope. Well today it did not like the steep grade and heat so I got a basket full of mowing done then I had to push it under the tree and let it cool off to start. The air filter got oil in it and it would not let it breath normal so I had to take that off to get it to run and then I got it on the steep part and it started smoking again and something happened and "pop". Now it will not start. I am out of time to get the garden in, and the lawn looks like hell because it is half mowed and there is a part that looks like I am raising hay.

Then on top of this the raspberries are ripe and they have done the first to pickings by hand. If I want any berries I have to pick it tomorrow, because they are doing machine harvest Monday and there will either be no berries left or the next ones will not be ready for another two weeks and the fourth picking ones are not that good. So I have to do that, on Monday take the new mower to the shop, and hopefully the neighbor will let me barrow his yard tractor again so I can get the lawn done before the annual rental inspection is coming up, and they are real blisters when they come.

Needless to say I am a wee bit stressed. I know it will turn out ok in the end, but I am a chronic worry wort and will not be happy until it is all done.

Sorry for the poor little me story, but it helps me to type this to reflect on the problem and see a means to the outcome.

Good night.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    It's been more of a struggle this year for me too... weather, aged equipment, and much less ability than what I had to do repairs and exert much effort...

    I will say far as it's safe to do so...always keep the air-cleaner/carburetor on the up-hill side of the bank...there is a 'breather-tube' that comes out of the crankcase (where the oil goes) and into the intake on the carb to burn off crankcase emissions...and it, as you know...will come out of the tube when tipped far enough towards the air-intake, making a mess...fouling the carb, and likely the spark-plug too...

    It sounds though like a dangerously steep area to be mowing anyway...

    Do the best that you can, and that will have to be enough for now...

    The money, time and effort that you have spent in these struggles...might have been better spent hiring out the mowing until it was back in control...for future reference. I live too remotely, and have too little money, else I would have hired it out to get the worst part done... oh-well... on we go!
    p.s. None of it is probably worth the damage to your health to stress, or beat yourself up physically too...
    Good luck!
  2. MOPaddED's Avatar
    I feel your pain, I frequently get days like that and sometimes much as the way you found out with the new mower, newer isn't always better. You're spot-on in realizing things have to be done in a certain sequence, notwithstanding the grass, the equipment, the weather and sinuses refusing to cooperate!
  3. egor's Avatar
    Thank for the support.

    I realize what has been said, but it is "good exercise" to get out and do it myself. I just have the bad habit of internalizing the issues, and thus the reason for the blog was to vent the poison out of my system. It works better for me to write it down then just thinking about it, or I never let go.

    However, I still can relate to the Gordy Tap and Roy Clark song of "if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all"
  4. Maxx's Avatar
    This HAS been a strange summer so far. With the wet weather, the lawn has been growing like crazy. My lawn mower works fine....BUT IT'S ELECTRIC. Not wise to get it done while dodging raindrops.

    Other mechanical weirdness as well. Heading out to the store to get some stuff for another project, my shift linkage disconnects itself, and I have to limp home in 2nd. Didn't cost much to fix it myself, but it did kill half a day that should've been devoted to other things.

    Roadblocks (OK, speedbumps....) to accomplishment seem to be popping up everywhere I turn.
  5. Adventurer's Avatar
    Is there some kind of curse going around? My family's lawn mower, which has worked for years without trouble, just blew out its oil filter. I can't really complain next to your situation, though. Have you had any luck since then? Any luck getting the raspberries? (I how so; they make the best jam!)
  6. egor's Avatar
    Canning is going ok. Picked last night and will pick gin tonight. Then will pick cherries as soon as I get at least 3 batches of raspberry jam done.

    P.S. I now have 20 lbs of raspberries in the frig. Tomorrow will be a JAM SESSION!
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