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Being Bullied for being different.

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I will never understand why some think they have a right to Bully others.

Am I still looking at people in the world though the Eyes of a Child? Seeing only the Good first.

Don't get me wrong I know there area a lot of bad people in the world. But I always look for the good not the bad.

I don't understand that for someone that may be challenged in some way are always picked or the people who associate with them are.

There was a boy I grew up with that was mentally challenged. At 12 years old his mental state was that of a 3 year old. Now because of his mental state he was still in diapers at 12 He always will be potty training was not one of the things that he was able to master.

I befriended this boy when we were 9 . We would play together almost every Sat. He went to a special school so the weekends were the only time we could get together. Playing games and horsing around with him was no different than playing with other kids.

The first time I was put back into a diaper was at his house. We had been playing tickle fight and I had wet myself. His mom made no big deal of the fact, just had me strip down so she could wash and dry my cloths. Because he only wear diapers he had no underclothes, so she put a diaper on me till my cloths were done. No big deal, didn't want to just run around with everything hanging out. My friend thought is was OK too because some one else was like him. We were 11 when that happened.

Now because I chose to hang out this boy I was called all kinds of things. Back when I grew up, someone like would have been called mentally Retarded. That label was placed on my because I chose to be with him. " If you hang out with him you must be one too" they would say. In other words they thought I was retarded just for being a caring person.

What I didn't know at the time was that I was more like my friend than I was like other kids.

Dealing with mental handicaps what ever they may be, is difficult. When someone is Bullied because of them it only makes it more difficult for a person to deal with.

I think that Bullies should be made to live is the persons shoes that they are bullying. Maybe then they might understand what the person on the receiving end feels like.
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