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I did it!

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That's right folks. I am street legal on 2 wheels! I passed my test about 11:30 this morning. Of the 4 others that took the test me and one other person scored the highest of 3 docked points out of 20. All that I did wrong was put my foot down on the second U-turn, I lost some of my speed from the first one and was unable to get it back for the second. Despite having a broken gear shift lever, I passed with an above average score!


  1. MOPaddED's Avatar
    Congrats! When I had my 'road' test I wasn't allowed to put a foot on the ground at all. Ride as though you are invisible; you might as well be when it comes to the cagers and their cell phones
  2. ShortGuy's Avatar
    YAY! Congratulations! Welcome to the world of true freedom

    I agree with MOPaddED, I always drive like everyone else is a complete , blind moron. Always try to anticipate what stupid crap others might do.
    A survival strategy that has kept me uninjured and almost accident free since I was 16.
  3. Adventurer's Avatar
    Way to go! Have fun out there!
  4. oleman72's Avatar
    Good for you and have fun on two wheels.
  5. foxkits's Avatar
    Get a head light modulator its cuts down on others not seeing you from the front then get a tail light one too helps prevent rear ends crashes have fun
  6. LilCoyote's Avatar
    Congrats! I've been riding since I was 18 and have lots of fun. Please be careful as there are a lot of people out there who don't watch for us 2 wheelers.
  7. Marka's Avatar
    I only had to lay it down twice in the years that I rode (all year 'round) one time was when I was making a turn, with a tail-gater (gator? lol)...the other time I was taking a corner too fast, and on slimy leaves (fall)...parked it nose first into a culvert...and landed on my back on the embankment...

    having an SUV start to turn in front of me with a second's notice...was the [I]invisible[/I] part... after that, I went to over-wattage headlight and added many marker-lights and an additional headlamp (fog)...

    expect the unexpected...just figure the next car/truck you going to 'cream' you...practice your evasive maneuvers...and know what that bike will and wont do...seriously... Know what you'll do when, not have to drop throwing your legs up and riding the side of it like a toboggan...etc

    After that...enjoy, and have fun! *I would still ride but my spine is FUBAR now...*
  8. FauxPas's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! I am excited to get back out there on a bike. That is the one big thing they told us during the class, is that you have to ride like no one else sees you.
  9. DeftLeppard's Avatar
    That is true! Ive lost count of how many idiots have pulled out in front of me and I've only had my endorsement for a year. Im selling my first bike and upgrading to something with a little more power. It may just save my life! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.