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Living with my inner Baby. The Baby inside of me.

Living with Learning disabilities.

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I am a Square living in a Round world.
Why didn't I learn like "Normal People" .

For me it took almost a life time to peace together. Recently found out that I have been borderline autistic all my life. Every one just assumed I was a slow learner.
Now add Epilepsy to that, I had what I call a mild form of it till I was in my late forties. I had what they call starring seizures most of my life. To most people it would appear that someone having a seizure like this it would seen like the person was daydreaming.

My Epilepsy was misdiagnosed as depression and bi-polar. Ya I was depressed and having mood-swings. Something was going on in my head that I didn't understand.

At 17 I left school, I just couldn't learn any more the way they were teaching me. in the 10th grade and flunking out.

Despite those factors I was able to work and support my self until The Grand-Mal seizures hit me in my late 40's. It was then that they realized I have had Epilepsy all this time. Now with the right meds. I have it pretty much under control . Only have 1-3 small seizures a year.

When I left school my reading level was only about 6th grade level. Spelling was about 4th grade. I have managed to bring up my reading level to about high school level. My spelling still stinks. It might be 6th grade level if I'm lucky. I use spell check all the time.

Now I don't blame anyone for not seeing the Epilepsy or me being mildly autistic . The symptoms of both could be any number of things. But for me knowing now I can understand why I have never been like "Normal People". From what I see today with what some call Normal I glad am not like they are.

I have manage to round off some the corners on my square, but I know I will never be round. I still have child like ways of doing things but that is who I am.
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    I like your story the way you presented it. I 'm glad you got your issues under control. Hope you can live a good life for along time. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.