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IDoICD Part 2: The Inner Workings of the Brain in BIID

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In Defense of Incontinence Desire Part 2

A month or so ago I made a post defending incontinence desirers, at least ones like me who have persisted with it and taken the time to search what I would need to adjust to such a lifestyle. It served as a basic introduction to Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID), my main theory of why me and others like me are the way we are. For some time I've been meaning to continue that post in a second part elaborating on the subject and going into greater detail. I'll specifically be going into greater detail in regards to the brain's role in BIID.

So I said in my earlier post BIID is commonly associated with amputee wannabes, however it's extending to people with desires for various non-amputee impairments. The basic gist of of this is that the brain plays a major role in this. For example someone's brain may tell them that their body should be missing an arm or a leg or two. It might tell them they should be paralyzed from the wist down or neck down. It might tell them their body was meant to be deaf, blind, mute or any combination of these various impairments. The main point I want to make is that my case might be a milder form of BIID compared to the norm of the disorder. I like all my limbs, I like having the ability to walk and move, I like being able to hear, see and talk. All my brain wants for my body is to be incontinent enough to need diapers 24/7. In all cases there is a genuine incongruity with my current physical body and my own mental image of myself and how my brain tells me body should appear or function.Like Gender Dysphoria it is a genuine body image dysphoria.

The easiest way I can explain it is that my brain has a specific mental image of how my body was meant to function, but my current physical body does not match that mental image. My brain tells me that I should have 100% complete urge urinary incontinence and that my current partial fecal incontinence should shoot up to about 50-65% urge fecal incontinence. My brain tells me that this is how my body should function and that I should take steps to correct that incongruity. My brain says that I was obviously meant to be born a girl and to be incontinent enough to need diapers 24/7 either by birth or by accident later late rin life. According to my mental image there was a mistake in the creation and development process that led to my body not turning out the way it was intended to.

It all boils down to the conclusion that I was essentially born in the wrong body in more ways than one. I am a severely incontinent female born in a "mostly continent" male's body. Despite this, I plan to use more natural and less invasive means to accomplish my goal. I'll just wear diapers 24/7 and live if I was incontinent to get a good idea if I can deal with that lifestyle and to eventually develop some degree of urge incontinence out of habit from wearing and using diaper as intended. I may throw in some hypnosis if I feel it will work and reinforce me progress. In the end, it's all on the individual, for many it's just a phase, but for me and others like, it's something deeper. It's more than just a desire, it's an identity.

I will conclude this by linking to my very well-received DD thread on the subject.

I may make a 3rd and final part of this and make these posts a trilogy at a later time and if I feel all 3 posts have been well-received enough, I may even make all my posts public in the form of a forum thread. Anyway I hope you all learn something new from this post and the upcoming final post on this topic.

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