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Rofl so since i never really post anything and am honestly too shy to respond to any posts, i can do a blog :P, i mean i guess its there so if people who happen to wander by my page can check out who i am but really its not even an image just a rough sketch both my avatar and my profile pic dont really capture what i have inmind but i guess its a start. So im sitting here... LIstening to Sail by Awolnation great song :P, but i went up to my community college today and got inrolled for my freshman year so thats going to be interesting XD. idk if i even like the classes i piccked and with my job times its going to be "werid" to schedule around them. Or even if i switch jobs i'll have to have my school times based around that. Well im sitting here in a Molicare S+ diaper :3 one of my favs :P, recently though i ordered a sample pack of Bambino's and they weren't bad. I've only used one so far and boy was it thick! But not i only have 1 molicare and 1 bambino left so im going to need to come up w/ a decision over which one i want to order more of :/. other than that. idk what more can i put in a blog? Practicly anything i guess since i honestly think little to nobody will read this lol. I assume its more of a vent process for usuers of ADISC, or even more of a blog aspect that people check daily. I cant imagine that though. People Waiting... for someone to post a blog about their day to read it when they could have made the entire thing up. Well i suppose anyone one can do that and those certian poeople do have in a way a relationship with their readers. Where else can i trail this blog to?Videogames... of course! Dishonered is a great game, borrowed it from a friend. Been playing A PC game called Warframe. One of the best free to play sci fi games off of steam. Even though i've spent like 35$ on it XD and yes it is free but you pay for shortcuts sort of. LIke you could work your tail off getting the Resources and Blueprint to make any of the characters..or you could just buy the character :P, the same goes for the weapons and such. So i in a way "cheated" but the game is still in BETA! so i think it will be worth it when the full game comes out. If you read through all of this your a trooper and i respect you even though it was mostly just my rambles XD. <3~ koneko


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    ts'all good! :D
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