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Possible Awesome Garage Sale Find

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I was on my way home from one of my daily walks today when I saw that someone a few houses down my street was having a garage sale. They were closing it up and covering things, but amongst all the things still in the open were a TON of different unopened packs of adult diapers. The fact that I didn't want to stop and just stare at them as they were closing up made it so I didn't see the price or sizes, but I'm certainly going back tomorrow. I'm short on money right now, so if they have something in my size at a really low price, I am going to be soooo happy!


  1. Blacksmith's Avatar
    So how did it go?
  2. Cherub's Avatar
    Yes, what was the outcome?

    As far as only buying only the size that fits you, pending on the price, I'd buy as much as I could. If they were too small I'd cut the wings off and use them as stuffers. If they were too big, I might use them as doublers (over top of another diaper). But yea, pending on the price, I might have cleaned house on a find like that!
  3. IronRoyal's Avatar
    Woah! I'm sure if I had seen that my head would have snapped around, but it looks like you played it cool.
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