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Summer Semester - boo.

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Hey kids

Well, summer semester is under way. I graduated in May but I'm back to score another degree. Why not lol, my RL Daddy is all about education and has always pushed all of us (siblings) to go as far as we can and is always willing to put out for tuition as long as we foot the bill for books etc... So my next 7 weeks are going to be suuuuper full. I'm excited though, in two years, I'll have another plaque for the wall and the opportunity for bigger and better career moves.

As for the ABDL side of things, the wife came up to the home office as I was studying and "raked me over the coals" for not being in a diaper. I was told - "You better be in fancy pants by the time I come back up here... or spankings." You can imagine, I strapped into an L4 pretty quickly I tried the cross taping I'd seen somewhere on here and it actually works VERY well. A much better fit in my opinion. I have issues with the L4 because I'm just this side of too chunky for the M series and just this side of too small for the L series. So a lot of times, I have to deploy a onesie or basketball shorts I can tie for home use or if she drags me out for grocery shopping or something, some jeans that have a little spandex to hold it together on me.

On that same string - am I the only one who can get away with tight / skinny jeans and a diaper? I mean, you really can't tell I'm wearing unless you hear the crinkle or know what you're looking for. I blame it on the little bit of spandex that are in mine. I'm not a skinny girl, but I'm not grossly obese either. So my jeans have to have just a liiiiittle give in the hips lol. Anyway, yeah, I don't know where that tangent came from.

Either or, I wanted to squee that I was freshly diapered and studying with a cold can of Diet Coke - a few of my favorite things lol

Happy days


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    Well, I've got a big soft spot for summer semesters. If not for wrecking one of my summer vacations with a bunch of lousy business classes, I probably wouldn't have been restless and bored enough to start talking with the person sitting next to me -- who I later married. So! Summer semesters. Good stuff. You might even learn somethin'. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.