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Cow Thoughts

I am...

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I am your best ally.
With me, you can overcome any challenge.

You can't touch me.
You can feel me.

You can hold me in your hand.
If you have that much courage.

I am not food, but some live on me.
I am not drink, but some people take me too far.
I am not air, but I can be just as fleeting.

I am the first thing you reach for.
I am the last thing you let go.
I am the only thing some people have.

I come from the future.
But I live in the present.

I am a candle, but I never go out.
I am cherished by many, yet I am freely shared.
Many take me for granted, until I am not there.

I was, the only thing left in the box.
I am, the only thing you truly need.
I will be there, for your future.

For I belong to everyone.

I am the bird, who tries to sing,
without knowing the words.

I am the sky, so blue,
with no idea what I mean to you.

I am the sun.
The only, the one.

What am I?



  1. Talula's Avatar
    Hope's such a strange thing. It comes and goes so quickly for some people. Some people seem to have never ending sackfuls of hope, and others can never dare to hope.

    It's a lovely poem/riddle thing Thanks for posting it.
  2. Eulogy's Avatar
    My first thought was Love, then faith. (Which is more or less Hope, in the sense I was thinking at least)
  3. foxkits's Avatar
    Thanks you hugs moo
  4. Braddeh's Avatar
    Such a beautiful poem. It's a very well example of what hope could be used as
  5. Geno's Avatar
    I always knew Moo was a Blue Lantern.

  6. Marka's Avatar
    Though one may despair with hope...without hope, there is [i]only[/i] despair... it is a choice!
    Thanx Moo! Keep hope alive y'all!
  7. ade's Avatar
    i was hoping that
    was going to be a picture of Rachel Riley in California Rollerbabe guise, complete with satin shorts and crop-top.
  8. egor's Avatar
    I still think you should be made world leader. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.