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Love my new diapers

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I bought some ABU Cushies off of eBay earlier this week and they just got here today. I've only been wearing them for about 20 min but I must say that I love them. I love the 1 tape design because it will make diaper changes faster and easier. The tape on them is very strong and I don't have to worry about them breaking or coming loose. The only minor and I mean minor setback is that they come up high in the back so I have to fold them down so that they are not noticeable if my shirt rides up. One fear that I do have is if my mom finds these because of their design. They are designed more for the adult babies than the diaper lovers. If she found these I can only imagine how she will react. I posted a couple of days ago of how I've had some close calls lately and I'm not 100% sure if they (my mom and grandma) have found my diaper stash or not. If they have found it they haven't said anything to me. If these are ever found before I use them all, I will definitely know it. I really just wish that my mom knew about my diaper fetish and was OK with it so I can wear them freely without worrying about being caught or what anyone thinks. These diapers are thicker than the Depend Max that I normally wear and fit more comfortably. I will continue to wear the Depend Max since I can get them at any local Rite Aid near me. I will buy more of these after I have used them all and want to get more. I Love These Diapers!!

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