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I am ending this alcoholism of mine. Hopefully.

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All right, here we go. Sucks to say, but I'm an alcoholic. Not as bad as some, but also worse than some. I feel compelled to drink very often, and my tolerance is grossly high. I can drink any one of my friends under the table, and keep doing it. When I would vomit, (this has not happened in a long time) I would continue to drink afterwards. I have woken up in it, too. Only happened once, though. Stairs and I are not friends, tell ya that much. Last time, I almost fell over the railing, and would have gotten badly injured had my boyfriend not been taking care of me. I hate it, I'm like a slave to this drug. But you know what? It's my fault, and only I can help myself recover. This isn't fun. It's been going on for six years now. The longest I've gone without drinking was probably four days- a week tops. That is pathetic. It's a struggle, but I know I can do it. IF I really want to, and I don't know if I do. I have made a drinking chart for my wall, which is just like a baby's potty chart. So when I don't drink, I put a nice, cute little sticker on it. Sounds stupid, but it helps, seeing as I'm AB and also need, need, need to stop this. So far only two are on it, but they're consecutive, and believe it or not, that's big process coming from this one.

I don't expect feedback, just wanted to get this out. It's a shitty time when you *glug glug glug* aaaahhhh.


  1. egor's Avatar
    Good luck.

    I will not say I understand, because I do not have this problem. I have given up sode pop and it was so wierd the cravings I had with that. I do have two relatives that Have gone through alcholism treatment and I saw how hard it was for them. You have done the first part and said you are SO GOOD FOR YOU. Keep it up and do consider getting help, it will make the hard road you will have to travel a little easier. Again GOOD LUCK.
  2. awesomeness787's Avatar
    That's awesome of you! I wish you the best in this challenge. And you're right, it's not going to be easy. Honestly if you really want to kick this addiction in the gut you NEED to get some support from close friends or family, make yourself accountable to them and have them check up on you every so often. Than when the urge to drink comes, and it will, you can have someone to lean on and get some support from. You can do this, but not alone, and no one expects you to do it by yourself. You mate, have my support, as much as it's worth. Best of luck to you!!! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.