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Happy almost HalfBirthday

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My family has always celebrated my half birthdays, it's not an all out party but usually just dinner and a small gift. My wife decided to go along with it when she found out as we were dating. In the spirit of normalcy, we've always had dinner with my parents and I've usually received something small - new chapstick and fingernail polish, or one time my parents and her got together and paid for my books for a summer semester.

At any rate, today, I was informed by the wife that since I'd be working on the day this year, that tonight I was being treated to a night where I could just relax and do nothing, or whatever I wanted - as long as I was being semi-little. She wanted me in a diaper, finger foods only and my binky with me at all times. I'm legit not allowed out of a diaper until we get up in the morning lol. I'm obviously alright with this. She's left me to my Sims and has brought me small snacky foods here and there tonight.

I'm not incredibly short, even next to her 5'8", but when I sit in the office chair - and have it lowered like I do, I only come up to about her belly button. Everytime she comes up to bring me a little snack, she puts it on a paper towel and smoothes out my hair, then I hug her I FEEL SO SMALL!! It's so AWESOME!

Anyhow, the only thing I'm bummed about is the SDK one-tape diaper I'm in, man... they feel loose around the thigh, boo. So I used some packing tape and pulled the ends tighter. *shrug* Kinda killed my small mood for a minute, but it didn't last long.


  1. Bambusa's Avatar
    Love your family!
  2. TraumaChick's Avatar
    Me too! <3

    lol although, I'm regretting the snacky foods for 'dinner' - ugh, heart burn lol - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.