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In Defense of Incontinence Desire: An Introduction To Body Integrity Identity Disorder

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Ok, this may be my most controversial post I've made yet, but please, PLEASE, resist the intense burning urge to grab your torches and pitchforks. Leave your crosses and holy water at home because I'm no witch or demon, I do not wish to insult, only to educate. Ever since we went to 18+ there's been, at least to my knowledge, less "How Do I become incontinent" threads. It's no secret that many on this site don't like those kinds of threads, and people who actually are IC find them outright offensive. I'll empathize and say that it's hard not to judge when someone wants to be a in a position you don't and it's easy to feel jealous of someone wanting to choose something that you had no say in deciding. For most, this a just a phase that many younger AB/DLs out there fantasize about but eventually grow out of. But what about those who didn't grow out of it? Where's the support and understanding for them? I'm here to educate everyone on the best explanation for this phenomenon I have come up with.

Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) is a body image dysphoria commonly associated with amputee wannabes. However as more research is being done there are those affected by BIID find themselves identifying as having a host of various other non-amputee impairments including but not limited to: para/quadroplegia, blindness, deafness, muteness, and yes, even incontinence. Being a sufferer of both Gender Dysphoria and BIID I can attest to similarities between both. The following website has more detailed descriptions of BIID:

The similarities between the two are detailed here:

Now before you go taking aim at me, I actually am incontinent to some degree as I have partial fecal incontinence related to Autism related GI issues. while not enough to really need full time protection for it, it is an inconvenience and would prefer If I did wear protection. Anyway this should serve as a basic introduction to BIID and I will elaborate more on it at a later time.


  1. AnalogRTO's Avatar
    Most of us who are incontinent are strongly against the desire of others to become incontinent, mainly because it is not anything more than a phase, and those who are desiring it are unable to accurately understand what it means to be truly incontinent. You, OTOH, have spoken with great clarity and insight as to why you have the desires you do. This is not necessarily about just thinking, "Kewl, I can be in diapers 24/7!," but rather a realization that your body is incongruous with your mental picture of yourself.

    Most of the threads regarding those desiring to be incontinent are dismissed so often because people do not understand what it is they want. When you can speak as clearly on the subject as you can, I see no reason to dismiss your thoughts.
  2. EmilyAdella's Avatar
    Great post Ms. PLL, I have not heard from you in awhile sorry if I was bit short with you last time we talked . I now understand a lot better what you are going a very enlightening post indeed, good luck on finding the best diapers for you I will do what I can but I alone cannot give you all the information you need and I think you might ask our IC community as well now, they would most likely be very willing to help.
  3. SnowPrincessSophie's Avatar
    Seeing as I've mostly gotten a positive, accepting, and understanding response to this post do you think it would be a good idea to make this public on the forums? or leave it semi-public on my blog? Just want people's opinion on that.
  4. daLira's Avatar
    LilyLuna... lilila la... sorry that I haven't responded so far, since we talked already way too much about this *hugs* ^_^
    And what a shame! I've always thought that you're a cute little witch... :P

    Honestly... I don't know about posting it on the forums. Basically I'm still too much of a newb on adisc to know it and as far as most threads regarding IC and especially No.2 have gone (wrong): I don't suggest it, but I may be wrong, so I'd say: Wait for more responses, perhaps.

    However, you stated everything really well, not too personal, though perhaps a little bit too briefly summarized.
    But it looks more objective, which I think is a good thing regarding this.
  5. Rikachan's Avatar
    I agree with your defense, and that people should take note of how everyone is different and keep that in mind. =)

    I have two problems with the second link though...
    1. It compares transsexuality with Body Integrity Identity Disorder by saying that just how people with transsexuality feel their genitals are wrong, people with Body Integrity Identity Disorder feel their body is wrong due to not having a certain disability. The problem is, there is actually no such thing as a neurologically based feeling of one's genitals being wrong. People with transsexuality feel their genitals are wrong, sometimes even severely so, due to the way it hinders them living as who they are. There is no such thing as a gene that makes you go "I shouldn't have a vagina!". These feelings are the culmination of all the social dissonance people with transsexuality have to go through. So, feeling that one's genitals are wrong isn't actually what makes a person transsexual. It's having the brain structure and chemistry of the gender one wasn't assigned as at birth. So, that argument makes no sense. The only way it would make sense is if there was an actual brain structure specific to people with a disabilty, in which case that physiological (meaning brain) difference would lead to lots of dissonance in social areas and then to a desire to have a disability. Which brings me to the second point:

    2. They equate the two by saying that for people with transsexuality, there's male and there's female, and their brain chemistry and structure is one, while the genitals, chromosomes and stuff are the other. So, they say that for them, there are people with a disability and people without a disability, and their brain structure is one, while the rest of their body is the other. The problem is, there is no such thing as a specific "disabled person's brain". Essentially, what they are implying (because the only way what they are saying is true is if this was true) is that if someone had an accident and lost their legs, that person's brain would suddenly change from a "non-disabled brain" to a "disabled person's brain". There's no such thing, though.

    I can see why they would feel the need to make such comparisons to gain legitimacy for their feelings, but the two are simply not equatable, and different on very, very basic levels. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.