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Toyota Corp and its deep hatred for Americans

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So starting in 2009 we were introduced to Toyota's killing machines i.e. the Lexus IS400, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Matrix, the whole lineup. Toyotas used to be the cars where you could hand them down to your great GREAT grandchildren but not anymore. Toyota has a deep hate for Americans, despite making the leader of the reich Akio Toyoda's 9.7 million dollar salary per year. You would think this gives off a bad impression of the Japanese, obviously not when the Camry reclaimed its place in 2012 too many Americans are blinded by the fact the people at Toyota wish for nothing more than death to us all.

The question ends up being: who do you really trust? A auto corporation that has absolute hate just because of our nationality or a auto corporation that doesn't matter what your nationality is, but treats you nicely. You decide.


  1. ShortGuy's Avatar
    So you mean that Toyota has a separate production line just for the US market that includes leathal flaws?
    And all the independant vehicle security testing people are all bribed to ignore those faults?

    Seriously, as a European (Swedish), I have heard much more negativity (quality wise) about American cars than Japanese ones and that goes for motorcycles as well.
  2. BabyBeau's Avatar
    I'm a little confused as to exactly why you seem to think this company hates Americans...

    Because some executive makes a huge salary?
  3. Geno's Avatar
    Quality/Issues a car company is currently having doesn't mean it is a conspiracy by the Japanese to commit genocide on Americans.

    It sounds like you have issues with rampant paranoia, I would recommend seeing a professional counselor.
  4. Ronbeast's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Geno
    It sounds like you have issues with rampant paranoia, I would recommend seeing a professional counselor.
    That is exactly what I see with each one of these posts he makes. Honestly, this doesn't make any sense, and he will refuse to believe it or he will change the subject.
  5. pajamakitten's Avatar
    Weren't several of the problems with brakes actually caused by people panicking and slamming down the accelerator by accident?
  6. RetrieverPup's Avatar
    So Toyota contributes a huge amount to the US economy and then decides that it's main business plan is to kill of it's customers.

    Ok, got it.
  7. ade's Avatar
    similar quality/safety issues have affected european and european designated vehicles; it's more an issue of cost-cutting in the choosing and the training of parts suppliers, many of which are now arising in former Soviet countries and have yet to implement/reach western standards of quality control.
    in short, any company which is multinational/global and seeks to save production costs on that basis/mentality will be affected by quality/safety issues.
  8. AnalogRTO's Avatar
    Wait a minute...Toyota is out to try and kill every American? That should give us a bad impression of the Japanese...but we need to try and save Sony...

    Let's see the logical defense on this!
  9. AnnieAutomatic's Avatar
    Japanese cars are some of the most reliable in the world imo. Even the newer ones are awesome.

    I know quite a lot of Japanese people, and saying they hate us because we are American is just ignorant and kinda bordering on the line of trolling.

    If your going to make extraordinary claims like this remember one thing. Extraordinary claims require Extraordinary evidence. Cite your courses for your information next time please.
  10. JoeMiller's Avatar
    Uh, I don't think Toyota has a personal vendetta against the US, plus, likening them to the Nazis is a tad harsh.
  11. ILoveDora's Avatar
    I know for a fact everything in this post is completely false and you can see for yourself if you just look on Google.
  12. Bongolino's Avatar
    1. My Toyota has had no problems during its 80,000 km life up to now and I'm very happy with it, so I'm now getting the same one again.

    2. I believe it was proven that the spontaneous accelleration problems weren't due to faults in the cars, but instead were due to the stupidity of the people driving them (who put non-regularion thick carpets in as floor mats, which then jammed the accelerator pedal).

    3. Toyota produces cars for the US market in factories in the US with actual americans working there. So are you saying these fellow citizens of yours are committing treason because they are co-conspiring in a ploy to kill americans with badly assembled cars?

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