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I give up

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Well i have just had a bad day for me i was supposed to meet up with another little buttt of course i got stood up :/ and now the person has deleted me and blocked me from Facebook after we were on good terms why why does this always happen to me anytime i make some headway to making a friend it goes bad why why why why im sick and tired of people treating me like i am trash what have i done to deserve this. :/


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    That's pretty disheartening! I guess you just have to look at it in terms of time and hassle saved. For whatever reason, that wasn't a person worth your time and energy. I've never been stood up while waiting, although I've had a number of disappointments before that point. Keep at it. It's worth the effort
  2. daLira's Avatar
    I agree about what Trevor said, he wasn't worth your time and effort. Screw him, be "thankful" for what he did... since in the end he would've done worse...

    And keep on trying, not everyone is like that.
  3. Adventurer's Avatar
    Adding my agreement as well. It hurts when that happens. But there are lots of kind people in the world, too...don't be discouraged!
  4. Marka's Avatar
    And this person may have just been too scared, at the reality of this happening...'till it's time to go...everything seems like it may be great...a bit of 'devil's advocate'
  5. Frogsy's Avatar
    I have gotten terrified of meeting regular dates from the internet. Like not even related to ABDL stuff dates, I mean. I even got terrified meeting a friend, a non-romantic friend! (But then again, I'm really super shy.) Maybe that person had a bit of a meltdown over the reality of the situation, especially because you both know about each other's little sides. But anyway, don't let one person's problems become your own problems. Don't give up!
  6. foxkits's Avatar
    Ok a lot of little's are afraid to meet or talk on phone you see some of us have hidden the little part of our selves or the love of diapers . Form parent's friends and others. So most are shy to meet up It may not be you think of a bed wetter they dont want any one to know.
    Its ont thing to do this alone but to meet some one else it can be too much.
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