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Putting my neck out here, but I don't care! [WARNING: VERY MUSHY MATERIAL AHEAD!]

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This blog post is dedicated to somebody whom has made the past few months here on ADISC a great experience so far, a lovely lady who I consider not only one of my top best friends, but also my AB/DL sister, Angel. Or as she's more commonly known on here as, GiggleMuffinz.

When I joined about nearly two months ago, I wasn't really planning on using this account much, if at all. I was more or less just going to make an account, make an intro, post a few times and then just leave for a few years while I sort myself out and get to living solo.

But that really did change when, after two days of no responses mind you, my intro thread got a post. And it was her.

And the way she posted and made everything so awesome and positive in responding was so great, it made me feel like I was really wanted here on ADISC at the time, by at least one person. I then proceeded to respond to her post and suddenly more people came into the thread to introduce me to ADISC and everybody else in it.

One week passed and I got my "EC" ranking, making myself able to chat to people by PM's, I then engaged in long, lengthy PM's with her for days on end before we finally got our Skype names and began chatting on there, from that point I was talking to her every night and even changed my sleep schedule on certain occasions in order to talk to her more.

As time went on, I began to learn more about her, about her past, about how she is now, about what she wants out of life, everything. I helped her through times when she was in the dumps, I gave her advice when she needed it and even on occasion roleplay a bit with her via text.

Over time, she began to call me her best friend, I felt flattered and at the same time very thankful for this. Because she was the first friend I had ever met whom I had learnt so much about in so little time, so really I was suprised when she said that to me since I wasn't really expecting it.

And more over time, I began to grow closer to her, to the point where we finally agreed that we both considered our relationship with each other to be kind of like a brother and sister relationship (hence why I have that in my signature right now), again, I felt honored by this since I had never been in that kind of relationship properly with somebody and the other actually felt the same way.

The thing is though, even if we have our little disputes from time to time, whether it be from something minor, even if something causes some stresses, it doesn't affect anything and is almost swiftly forgotten. I've never in my entire life been in a kind of relationship with somebody who acts that way, so it makes me feel kinda special to her and her special to me.

Angel, if you get to read this, which you undoubtedly will, I would just like to let you know that I love you, you've made me feel so happier whenever I get all down, you've cured every bit of boredom I've ever experienced just by being able to talk to you, you're a constant source of happiness even when negative stuff is going on in real life that I just wanna ignore.

You are the best friend I've ever had in my life, a precious AB/DL sister and an overall great person. And I never want that to change.

Thank you Angel, thank you so much...


  1. daLira's Avatar
    Mushy? novelettish! Just kidding, I hope she'll like what you've written, but I think she will surely.

    Nothing more to say, besides "like!" and congratz that it worked out for you both this (meh... this sounds wrong somehow, but well you know what I mean :p) and especially for you, so that you decided to stay. I would miss your posts otherwise.
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I can only say that I really don't like someone joining this site and not getting an introduction. Joining this sort of place can be kind of nervewracking and scary, to even consider.. even as adults, talking about something that is can feel so isolating and alone even when you know rationally there are other people into it. I wanted to give you a wonderful introduction because I could see you were a good person right from the get go, it was obvous to me, and I was very sad you hadn't gotten one yet. Posting in introductions is important.

    I'm glad that turned into a friendship, and although my sleep schedule has been on the rocks and our talking not too great being on opposite sides of the world, I'm very happy that we still talk. It's a great feeling. I love having a wonderful brother like you.

    I didn't ask for this, but I'm happy you can express yourself.. and feel honored and privileged to be someone that is worth talking about.

    Love you bro!
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  3. Trevor's Avatar
    That's pretty great to hear. Thanks for sharing - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.