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Political Parties are a Sham

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There are no two 'sides' with competing ideologies. There are just politicians and their paycheques. They will say anything as long as it will get them elected. They'll dress up in one ideology for a morning press conference, put on an entirely different face for a speech to the parliament (edit: Senate for you Americans), and then wear a pragmatic, deal making suit for their behind-closed-doors meetings with lobbyists.

The only substantial duality in politics is the People and the Power. The People are all the people who don't have power, and the Power is the people who do. The Power endures by driving divisions amongst the People using rhetoric and grand-standing. It can only be beaten when the People realise their plight and take the power back.

The government is not the People. Ideally it is subservient to the People, but in no way are the two co-terminus.
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  1. tiny's Avatar
    I couldn't agree more. I don't know what is more worrying... That, in many nations *Ahem-erica* corporations are pandered to more than voters (which, in my melodramatic opinion, corrupts society)... Or that, the illusion of choice pacifies people into thinking that, even if their wishes aren't being met, at least it's "fair" when a minority is responsible for choosing a democratic leader by representation!

    This is the modern world! Voters all have means of expressing their choices to politicians instantly via modern technology. Why do we have this ridiculous system where a minority of the population gets to choose someone to supposedly represent their views without ever really knowing what those views are?!

    Why are politicians allowed to publish a manifesto, get voted into power, and then exercise their right (as our representatives) to change their mind and do whatever they damned-well please?! Lying to get power then exerting tyrannical control! That's not democracy! It's f***ing Orwellian!

    Why must voters choose from two or three candidates, who have probably colluded with each other to distinguish themselves only on certain issues, allowing the "status quo" to prevail, whilst conceding illusory choice is necessary to placate the masses?

    Why do we not vote on issues instead of candidates? The technology is there to allow our parliament to give people democratic choice. But instead we're left with first-past-the-post representation. And they have the cheek to call it "democracy"! Ha!

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