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Political Irony In Perspective.

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This is an ideology conversation I started in a thread.

Socialism: "Where is Churchill or Reagan? I need to speak to them now! I have a new theory to push."

Capitalism: "They each died some time ago."

Socialism: "Whaaat?...... eh.... uhm... This will be EASY! Thanks!"

Capitalism: "What do you mean by that?"

Socialism: "Listen minion; I will devide you into segments so varied that you will not even care what true freedom is. You will get mingled up in your own pleasures and lifesyle, that I eventually will provide for you, that you will feel at ease. Don't worry, I will provide EVERYTHING!

Capitalism: "What about our current freedoms such as the-right-to-bear-arms? Or the freedom to converse freely or practice religion? This sounds like a big change."

Socialism: "Oh don't worry. That is old-school. It has already been contested by Marxism and Communism. It didn't stick. The new term for getting past these failed ideals is Progressivism. I'ts new but it will work in deviding you all into your own corners to live in relative peace."

Capitalism: "Devided?"

Socialism: "Yes. It's easier that way. Remember you will eventually get used to it and if you provide enough tokens to the government it will be re-distributed to those who have never seen one. You in a way are giving. You will earn the sense of being unified. A sense of Unity. See what I mean?"

Capitalism: "But what if I need those tokens for my own family?"

Socialism: "Don't worry your heart. I will see to it that your tokens are used properly."

Capitalism: "What if my kid fails at school and doesn't make enough tokens to sustain himself?"

Socialism: "You ask too many questions. Just abide and be comforted that he will recieve as many tokens from the government as he needs. We aim to please. Your comfort means you are docile and pose no threat to the order. It's called peace."


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