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My first 12 hours with a Pacifier (Follow Up of my previous Blog)

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So, as stated before, today I managed to gather up the strength to buy myself a pacifier (or as it was called on the packaging a "soother" but really it's a paci :p )

The brand I ended up getting was an AVENT 6 - 18+ months, it was a dual package with two clear colored pacifiers, which was very convenient since I can keep one just in case I lose the first one or am forced to throw it out.

The pacifier itself, feels really nice and natural, it's nipple is one of silicone and I can understand why most people prefer it over the other ones that are made, especially considering that I love how good it feels in my mouth.

The sizing of the nipple is perfect for my mouth and it feels really good in there and I cannot stress that enough since I was fretting about how much it would be too small and wouldn't fit properly.

The only downside I have on it is the presentation of it, that being clearly see-through, no color, no design, nothing. But even then, it's a minor one and I can always modify it down the line (I was thinking green, I wuv green~ <3) and really, I don't intend on using it outside of my privacy...yet xD

So, yeah, I'm loving the Paci and it had most likely taken over my thumb as the main thing I'm sucking on from now on. ^_^
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  1. KimbaWolfNagihiko's Avatar
    Congratulations! When I got my first paci, I figured I'd still mostly suck my thumb, but like you I quickly transitioned! Here in the United States I have purchased Avents with animal designs on them, but I don't know if they're available where you live.
  2. Adventurer's Avatar
    Hooray! They're fun, eh? I'm surprised they fit that well - I find the Nuk 3 to be a bit small. Maybe I should give Avent a try (don't worry, I won't steal yours ). Congratulations on your successful purchase, and have fun! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.