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order of diaper came in.

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So a couple of weeks ago I splurged and made an order from aka save express.
Shipping was half of the cost, oh well
Yesterday the order arrived and I was all giddy.
Here is a couple of pics, and what they are, and the type of backing.

Left to Right, Front to Back.
Attends adjustable No.10 M (cloth), Beesana Stretch windlehose S/M (cloth), Barme slip super M (plastic), Absorin slip night M yellow (cloth), Absorin slip night extra M purple (cloth), AMD slip windelhose M maxi (cloth), ADA comfort windel super M (plastic), Beesana superslip super M night yellow (plastic), Delicare slip extra night M (plastic), Euron formslip night superplus M (cloth), Forma soft slip xPlus L4 green (plastic), Funny Care windelhose M night (cloth), Vlesi-slip comfort premium night M (plastic), ID-Slip super night M (plastic), IndaSlip maxi M (plastic), Kolbri Comslip plus M (plastic), MaiMed windelhoeschen M extra night blue (plastic), Super Seni Quatro M Sz.2 (cloth), Attends No.10 slip regular plus M (plastic),
I ordered 2 of each.
Also a pack of 18 Forma-care X-Plus slip night M (plastic)
and 2 of the bags used to pack the samples inside the box.

Here is some of my thoughts on the diapers.
I've used only a couple so far so stay tuned for updates.
on the IndaSlip maxi M, I have not used it yet, but they have a nice smell to them, like the no longer made "Snugs".
Attends adjustable: they leaked on the first wetting, to get them tight enough I had to attach the velcro too close to the middle and so did not put enough tension on the wings/leg openings.
I expect the same from the Beesana Stretch.
Barme Slip Super: nice plastic backing, nice and absorbent, medium thickness, 2 smaller wettings in and no leaks yet. Size runs smaller than the Abena M4.

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