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Holy Crap.

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Blog Five

I'm not even sure where to start with this. I wanted to post it as a post, but so many rude people have been around lately so I thought I'd just keep it to a blog. I have been SUPER stressed out lately. Between work and school, it's like I live in constant pain because my stress presents as such (I think my nerves are weird, I don't know...) Anyway, I came home from work and my stomach was bothering me a little bit. Not like... with the runs or anything, just general queasyness. I decided to diaper up, because it'd make me relax and then catch some Dance Moms with my wife.

As soon as I rounded the corner into the living room, she paused the TV and asked if I was wearing a diaper. I shook my head yes and explained that I wasn't feeling so great. She told me to sit on my favorite comfy chair and that she'd be right back. Off to the kitchen she went and fixed me a bottle of tea :3 - she even brought me a binky for when I was done. After a few episodes, she went upstairs to use the toilet (we have better TP upstairs lol) and I took a brief (like 10 minute) nap. When I woke up she was just coming back into the living room. She had wipes and a diaper! Let's be clear, my wife has NEVER changed me start to finish. Occasionally, she will remove a diaper and wipe me down so we can go to bed after play time. But 8 out of 10 times, I take it off and I wipe myself off. I reached for the dry diaper and wipes because I was wearing a cheap-o depends max and she'd brought an Abena 4 down. She swatted my hands away and told me to lay back on the chair (it's a chaise). She proceeded to check my (very) wet diaper, TSK AT ME!, and then untaped the depends and changed my freaking diaper.

All these times I'd read posts about people wanting their wives or someone to change them I had scoffed and thought "wtf for?". I felt like nobody could get it on me the way I can get it on me, snug and tight. But there she was, taping me into a fluffy, dry diaper just how I liked it.

I may never go back. I told her she may have created a monster lol

Needless to say, it was a very good night.


  1. Frogsy's Avatar
    That's awesome! So happy to hear of another understanding partner. My husband has just recently been revealed to be far more understanding of my ABDLness so I'm going through something really similar. Isn't it just great to be accepted and cared for, at least if no one else, by your SO? I feel very blessed, and you should too! Things like this make me glad about humanity again, hehe. People aren't so bad. They try. And slowly it seems I've read more and more success stories on here; more and more loving and compassionate partners.

    I hope your day tomorrow is as good as your night!
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Yay! I'm so glad that this blog was about the good kind of holy crap, I was worried it might be bad.

    I'm jealous a tad, I wish my lovely wonderful would spontaneously do that for me too, but I feel way too guilty asking. She does enough for me.
  3. TraumaChick's Avatar
    Thanks you guys! It was amazing, but I couldn't ask her to do that too often. She's a bartender and is on her feet enough without having to cater to my toddler needs lol. We fell into this together and the roles we assumed were very natural for us. I think it's because in Bigland, my job involves me being responsible for the masses of people that are in and out of the city I work for as well as a shift full of emergency personnel, so I have to be very adult all day whereas since she's a bartender, while she does work - it's fun work, she gets to play with her customers and have fun. So when we both get home, she feels the need to dominate and nurture my need to regress and let everything go for a while.

    Aw Gigglemuffinz, I think the spontaneity behind it stemmed from a conversation we had a few months ago. I let her know that when she did things for my little, that it made me feel so special and loved. I told her that in that one instance that she does something special for my little, it gave me more warm flutters and lovey feelings than a three hour massage. What I'm getting at is if you just have a casual and adult conversation about what makes you feel loved and happy, even the not little things, at some point she might surprise you - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.