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I'm soooo dreading the 7th of November

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I am shaking as I write this, cause the 7th might be the last time I will ever see my brother, literally...

For those of you that don't know, I have an extremely handicapped brother named Jeffery. He has everything, Autism, Tourettes, Obsessive Compulsive, 60% Deaf, 75% Blind, Seizures, and the list can go on into eternity. All those I don't mind, cause hey, he's my bro, and w/e. It's one thing that I do mind, and it will eventually kill him. You see, he has CHARGE syndrome, I have it too, but not even close to what he has. He has it on a case where it shock the doctors studying the syndrome, they said at birth that he will never walk, never make noises with his mouth, never eat on his own, never breath on his own, and he has proven the wrong at every single one of that.

Anywhoos, since he has that, he couldn't properly digest his food, and we had to operate on his teeth to remove them as they are damaged beyond repair. They had to put him under, and luckily, he woke back up. And now he has to go back to the Dentist again to remove the rest of his teeth. We have to do this in two parts cause we can't put him into too deep of a sleep. His appointment is on the 7th, the scary thing is, his lungs are fragile and slowly dying, and we don't know if it could handle doing this again. It's a miracle by the doctor's standards that he has lived this long (he's 25). We have no choice but to put him under to do the operation, in doing so, there is a chance he might not wake back up. But we have no choice but to do this operation, cause if we don't, he will die due to his body filling up with toxins from not removing the remaining teeth.

I don't know what to do, I'm lost if I lose him, he's my idol. He has gone through so much, so much, in his life. Countless operations and the such (15 in total, 13 on his back, 2 on his belly and chest), and had a triple-grand-Mal seizure in an ambulance on the way to a hospital (three big seizures in a row). But he always has a smile on his face and he always lights up the room with his laughter and happiness when he sees us. He lives with his friends from school in a group home (he owns the house, LOL! Just has the intervenors take care of them) and has a job at the nearby Esso gas station, lol! (of all things) He graduated from the deaf/blind W. Ross McDonald school in Brantford, (some on here would know about that school). I don't know what he likes to do more, swim, or bowl, lol (he's obsessed with doing both) He can prepare and cook his own meals, easy ones (with a little help and supervision of course), and shops to get his food from the nearby Sobeys on his own when they go there. Decides on what he wants to do for the day. He loves to have lots of fun, and really loves to give hugs and get tickled in return, lol! And thats why he's my role model. If he can accomplish all that, and prove all those doctors wrong, anyone can do anything.

Really great news is that he's coming home on Thanksgiving Sunday. I am going to take trillions of photos of him, like I'm gonna max out my 8gigs of SD cards We're gonna spoil him rotten and give him the best day of his life.

Another good thing (and I hope that won't be overshadowed by having the worst come true on that day) is that I'm having commencement at my school for graduation.


  1. Martin's Avatar

    and had a triple-grand-Mal seizure
    Holy crap!

    I really hope it'll go alright

    wish I could do something but I can't really.
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    Damn, he can take a lot
  3. satyrical's Avatar
    I'll be praying for him and for you. Perhaps it can be marked in the calendar so that you'll be in all of our thoughts?
  4. BromeTeks's Avatar
    Well, sorry to hear of all that, but that's just some peoples lot in life. The only thing to do is smile and waltz on through the hardships.
  5. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
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