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My roommate is effing crazy.

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First of all, this is gonna be a wicked shitty blog. See, I don't really have a grasp of what a blog even is. Anyway, if anyone reads this, it's probably going to be full of spelling and gramaticak errors. Why, you may ask? Because I'm like, in the bag and I need to rant about this roommate o' mine.

Some backstory: She was my friend at the beginning; pretty chill, she wasn't freaking crazy. Normal person, just got upset easily. I guess that's it for backstory?

So she was cool and all, like I said. Then she started flipping out over nothing. Nothing at all. Things like... I don't know, cooking bread for a moment too long, or something. Saying, "I'm sorry" over and over. So long, that lasted. Christ, give it a rest! I can understand apologetic people. Yeah, I can dig it, but jeez! Always had to walk on egg shells with that one. Another thing, she's wicked miserly. Off-topic, but she started living with us (us being my other roommates and myself) and things got really weird. Ok, so I said she was miserly, going in that direction. Sososo. She said she'd buy bodywash, and sure, that'd cool. Then, you see, she fucking hid it from everyone. She hid the bodywash! Wtf is that? All right, if she bought it, I don't care. She can fuck it for all I care, but really? Really? How passive-aggressive can you be? That's anoher thing! She's wicked passive aggressive. To the extreme. When she gets home from work, school, whatever, she'll stare at the trash angrily if it's full (I usually deal with it) and the dishes (most of us clean our own, some don't, and if they don't, I do the damn things). Shit, if you don't want them there, deal with it! Take out the trash, wash the dishes, don't be a bitch! She'll complain about not having a lot of money, but spend a bunch on tattoos! Holy god, this is ridiculous. She is also a back-biter. She talks about me to people, says I'm a recluse because I spent a week in my room. Well, you know what? I had a god damn sinus nfection. What am I gonna do? Be all gross and sick with everyone? I could barely even drink! Speaking of drinking, if she wants to talk shit about me, she could talk about how I'm a drunk. Very surprised she doesn't talk about that. Or the fact that I laugh at everything. Always laughing and dropping my cigarettes, I am. Oh god, I'm on a roll or something. This blog stuff is neat. If anyone ever reads this, I'm sorry you wasted your time on this piece of shit.

Sosososo. She talks down to me like I'm three, or something. So sick of it. Yeah, I do say dumb things sometimes, but so what? Can't stand the patronizing tones. That aside, y'know what she did? Wait, I told you internet folken about how she's miser? Hides everything? Y'know what she hid? My friend's hair product, whatever it was. She hid that! It's not even hers'! Ok, you know what? I share like, everything with everyone. You want to use y makeup, nail polish, whatever- go ahead. I'm not going to be like, "blah, you're a fucking prick". Really. I get more annoyed when someone asks me to use my stuff than if they just go and use it. I. Don't. Care. This is going to rhyme, which is really irritating, but I like to share. I love sharing with people. Always did. People say only children are bad at sharing? No, man. I share like it's my job. Used to give away my toys as a chillun. She has a sister, and they say sibling-poepple are good at sharing. Christ, it doesn't matter, everything is lame. So yeah, she hid my friend's hair thing, which is wicked pissing me off. This is looking to be pretty lpng.

Ok, so there's another thing. She says that I do is that I'm douchey to my niece. This seriously makes me want to ralph. Once she said I told my niece to 'shut up' and that what she was doing was 'stupid'. Oh god, this makes meso damn angry. I would never in a million years to say 'shut up', and a million more that whatever was 'stupid'. I would say those things as much as I'd say she was a failure, pr something/ I absolutely hate that she would say I'd spoken an ill word about that little girl. She is the sweetest, most intelligent child ever. She is fucking awesome, even when she screams like a demon. Would you like to know what my roommate does when she watches her? Props her in front of the TV. Always makes herself pre-occupied. Honestly, it's a shame she doesn't actually play with my nience; she's hilarious. A real treat to be around- she's absolutely wonderful. It's a shame she doean't see hat. The roommate, I mean. But you probably figures.

As you may have figured, there is more. Not to sound narcissistic or anything, but I think she's jealous that I'm skinny. She has a tummy, her legs aren't wide, but the rest of her is, and her metabolism is slow. I'm skinny, and my metabolism is that iof an insect's. Don't wanna toot my own horn, but I am attractive. If this wasn't a diaper-site, I might post pics, but alas, it is. Really, though. Since we're on the same subject, beans. Beans, beans, beans. She is crazy about beans. Always eats the beans, god knows she is crazy about them. Practically all she eats. Craaaaaazy.

Anyhoo, I've been hiding her things because why not? She'll do it anyway. Why don't I do her a favor? Maybe I'll hide the soap dispenser. It is mine, after all. And I'll hide mt frying pan. Why? Because it's miiiiiine. And I'll throw a bitch-fit when anyone else uses it. Who can be so fucking nutty?! WTF. I don't know how long blogs are supposed to be, but I'm sorry. I needed to get this out. She's just so fucking craaaaaaaaazy! It sucks because she used to be so cool.

This chick is dating my other roomie, and that's totally lame. She treats him like an employee! But that's another story. She's also pretty jerky to my boyfriend, and this makes me flipping mad. He is the kindest, most accepting person I have ever met. And she shits on him! What the fucking fuck?!

So you internet people who have come this far in reading my stupid thing, you know what's the best part in all of this?

It's that the cat likes me the best. She likes chillin' with me better than her, andeverone else. Killer, man!

How do you end a blog? Anyways, have a nice day guys. Or something. Blogs are weird, and I still don't get it. Have fun ding whatever, I guess?

Btw, if you poo-poo me for talking behind someone's back, I don't care. She's done it to me many a-time, and I am talking about her to internet people (that's you!) who don't know, nor care about her. So I. Don't. Care.

Have a good one, guys!
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