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Recent dream I had

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So, this is my first blog post and I might do more in the future. Anyway, I had a dream a few nights ago that really has stuck with me these past few days. In the dream I was over at the house of a girl I know but can't place who she is! We was talking and somehow I ended up telling her about my secret of liking diapers and being a baby and it turned out she did too and she had some diapers in her room too which she showed me and then we ended up taking a drive around wherever we was (even though I can't drive legally yet :P ) and for some reason I showed her houses where supposedly certain ADISC members either live or used to live in even though I have never even met up with anyone from ADISC and then as with all dreams I woke up.

I'd say this is one of my better dreams I've had but I so wish I knew who the girl actually was in my dreams even if in real life she most likely won't be like that and it's frustrating that I haven't been able to figure out who it definitely is. Well I guess this is the end of my first blog, I might make more with other dreams I have or other random stuff I have in my crazy mind :P


  1. Sihcara's Avatar
    What if your dream turns out to be true? There is no telling but maybe her heart needs nurturing
  2. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Maybe she was no one ? Either way, I hope you have nothing but good dreams.. but still are happy to wake up in the morning. I'm sure you life could get just as amazing as your bestest dreams. ^_^

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