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Leopard Angst: The Life of a Deft Leppard

Fcn 2013

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Well it is time to give the rundown of everything I did at FCN this year!

We arrived at the hotel, and I hooked up with my roomies. Registration didn't start until later that night, so we went down the street to American Jewelry and loan which is the Pawn shop from the show "Hardcore Pawn" on TruTV. my friends wore their street clothes but I already had my tail on, and after we walked in, we realized that they were filming. After looking around a bit, the Producer walked over and asked me about the tail. 5 minutes later we had arrangements to come back in our fursuits on saturday morning to film an episode. We talked to Les and he tried hooking me up with this random 19 year old girl who came up and asked me about the tail.
later we head back and get our registration, and we hung out at the pool until the dance started at 9.

Got up and took my fursuit out for its first public appearance while I waited for Uncle Kage's panel to start. he had two, back to back, and I went suited to both of them.
we then cruised around the artists alley and the dealers den, and went suited to Kage's story hour at 7:30. We then got to talk to Coopertom for a few minutes and then went to the sponsors lounge for some free food. I also got to hang out with Gir Tygrin who pretty much runs the place (he invited me over to the table after I told him it was my first con...). After dinner we went to the dance until about 2am, and went back to the room to crash.

got up early and played my keytar in the menagerie for a bit. Rounded up our friends and went back to the shop to film our episode (which went quite well). Out of the 4 of us only two had speaking roles, one of which was our handler, Astral Wolf, who tried to sell his fursuit head. Me and Norby Wolfy were mutes and Magnus Diridian was funny as hell when coupled with his cat puppet. Afterwards, we went back and I joined the Fursuit Parade. I purchased some badges in the dealers den, and then went to the Photoshoot. I was amazed when Wookiee (also known as the Taun Taun) was behind me in line. Though he himself didn't appear in it, his suit was used in this video Got to hang with him for almost half an hour while we waited in line.

After the photoshoot, I walked around with some friends and some random guys in the Sponsors lounge asked me If I wanted to go with the to Red Lobster as the food line was so long. after going to Red Lobster, we hit the hot tub and ran into Lagarto (from Lagarto's Leather). hung out at the pool until it closed and went back to the Sponsors lounge until that closed. I used up all 4 of those giant pixie sticks that night by pouring them into a few cans of mountain dew. I went to the menagerie until that closed at 3 am and I was tired as hell once my sugar rush wore off. Went back to the room and my friends were yiffing when I walked in. lol I think I was asleep before I hit the floor, but I could still hear them making noise......

Got up at 11 and went to the talent show and went for lunch at the lounge. Some random guy was handing out free Hentai comics to people at our table and he gave me a couple. later on, Roxy Littlepaw showed up, and we talked for a bit. We then packed up our stuff and went suiting for a while before heading home.

The End

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