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Manveru's AurGasm Blog: Stadium Arcadium

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For the first officially entry into my AurGasm Blog, I decided to review the album I'm currently addicted to: Red Hot Chili Peppers' most recent masterpiece, Stadium Arcadium.

This is a 2-Disc Set [Disc 1 is Jupiter and Disc 2 is Mars] with a total of 28 tracks, 14 on each CD.

Honestly this is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time - even if you count each CD as a separate album, it'd take those 2 spots, and deserve them. This album is stylistically different from RHCPs other albums, such as Californication and Blood Sugar Sex Magik, but it is musical genius in its own right. I think there are perhaps 3 songs out of all 28 that I don't absolutely love. And even then, they're great songs.

The album is very experimentative and touches on a lot of ground musically. The songs, while being distinct and different, still manage to flow well with one another in a wonderfully 'rock opera' sort of fashion.

THE BAND: I've listened to RHCP on and off since Californication was a hit album. My love for them grew as my collection of their music expanded and I saw that RHCP was unique among popular rock bands in that they weren't total douchebags. They knew they were popular but they never flaunted it and they never acted like just because they were famous that their opinion mattered more than anyone else's. They're a very mellow group that stays out of the papers and off the magazine covers.

COMPARISON: Well now for the difficult part. How does this album compare to their other work? Well, a lot of the songs take a much more mellow tone, and the entire album seems to be telling a story or two. A lot of people prefer Californication to Stadium, but I personally label Stadium Arcadium as my favorite RHCP album.

Top 5 Songs:
Death of a Martian
Storm in a Teacup
Animal Bar
Desecration Smile
Tell Me Baby

[B]Stadium Arcadium Final Rating:[/B]
100% AurGasmic!


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