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The Pretty Freak Computer Geek and how she came to be!

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Ha! I'm doing my part with the whole blog thing so I guess I might as well make my first entry something that's worth a read - or at least something that looks pretty due to sheer volume.

So, the start, then? My name is Sarah Elise Klozsko; I'm almost nineteen and I'm originally from Nashville - but while on the topic of originally, I'm also originally of the male gender. Yup, that's right, I'm one of those freaky deeky transiefolk - and that's my face you get to gander at in my profile pic. Dun' I look purty? Yeah, I know, ego XD So yeah, I'm living as a woman and no I'm not 100% transitioned yet as I've still got that final step to take. I do has pretty bewbs though and I don't think you'd be able to pick me from a crowd.

So, we've got my gender out of the way, let's check out my reason for being here: yup, totally right on the money if you guessed that I have one or more fixations with diapers. We'll go down the list!
Diaper Lover: No denial here! I adore diapers. I get a thrill that's very VERY adult-like when I wear, when I wet, when I mess, when I do other stuff. No sense trying to justify it or explain it, but you guys understand!
Teen Baby: Beyond diapers, I own many many pretty frillie dresses and rubber panties and pacis and all that kind of pretty baby stuff. When I'm with somebody I totally feel comfortable with to Mommy/Daddy me I'll happily regress into "Sawah", who's aged anywhere between 2 and 3 depending on weather I'm in my TB mood or my...
Little Girl: ..mood! Yeah, so SO predictable, Wow, Sarah was a boy now she wants to be a little girl, how original! So right, Sawah is my bratty little girl personality too. She's cute and adorable and cute and pretty, but a little late to the potty training table. She adores pretty things, lace and frillies and being cuddled up.

So, that's the fetish side of things covered, mostly. As for sexuality, I'm pansexual which means that I fall for/get with/find attractive people, rather than their genders. If I met a girl online for example, and she turned out to be a boy or a transielady or anything else - but everything else about her was the same and I'd fallen for her? It wouldn't matter to me at all.

Why a girl, you ask? Why go through all this effort just to become a facsimile of something I'll never be, truly? Because I made the decision some years ago that it was live like this, or not at all. So as a result, my family became very supportive of my decision to transition, and to be who I am. I'm currently living in Australia because I'm too insecure to be totally separated from my family (who moved here, also) though I live in my own house that they pay for. So I guess I'm somewhat of a spoiled princess XD


  1. Raccoon's Avatar
    That profile pic is very pretty. So far so interesting... What's with pretty Aussie transies? Something in the water?
  2. andysetra's Avatar
    They always come out at night...cause they're on the other side of the globe!.....crazy Aussies :p

    Nice pic by the way..even knowing you were originally male, I can find no trace of it in the photo
  3. Sawaa's Avatar
    Thanks guys XD
  4. the0silent0alchemist's Avatar
    glad to meet you sawaa and id love to get in touch and talk
    MSN is on my profile i think anyway its
    [email protected]
  5. babymikey's Avatar
    ok in all honesty even tho it kinda grosses me out and now ur making me second guess if im straight or not thats a dam good lookin pic makes u look cute but god now i feel dirty but ur still cool have fun **shudders**
  6. Sawaa's Avatar
    Thanks BabyMikey XD

    ..I think.
  7. babymikey's Avatar
    lol srry i meant it as a compliment so if it sounded rude then im srry - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.