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Just got a call back for an interview for the Management position that opened at my theater. If I get the job, I get a slight pay raise, overtime possibilities, holiday pay at time and a half. The only downside is that AMC can move me where ever they want in the market. This means I could end up having to drive upwards of 50 miles to get to work. But I doubt they will move me that far. I'm not even sure where I will end up if I do get this job.

Part of me wants it, the other part does not. I keep saying I am going to leave and find something else, but never do. It will be my sixth year this May. How time flies. Anyway my interview is this Tuesday at 9 in the morning, I am not as nervous about it as I was for my Supervisor interview. I think that is because of my lack of interest in the position itself.

Anyway I will keep updated after the interview and when I find out if I got the job or not. I feel I have a great shot at it because there are 2 positions available and very few people from within the company that applied.


  1. Marka's Avatar
    Well, perhaps until/unless you have something else going...go with that new doesn't stop you from getting something else later. You may find that you wind up liking it, or it may become the 'last-straw' for you in this industry...whereby, you may become sufficiently motivated to find something you prefer, or at-least provides better for you.

    Somehow I posted, before I finished's a venture, even if not quite an adventure! ;-) *I guess, that's what the 'Edit' button is for ...sorries! te-he*
    Good luck!
  2. GuyLedouche's Avatar
    Well, first and foremost, Congratulations!

    Now, that being said, I agree with what Marka commented. While the decision on whether or not you want to take on this new position and extra responsibility ultimately lies with you, I really think you should consider this opportunity. You'll either find that it isn't so bad and you can bare with it until you can find out what you want to do with a new career, or like Marka said, it becomes the "last-straw" for you and you then have the motivation to find that new career path that much quicker.

    Whichever it is that you decide, I wish you the best of luck.

  3. oleman72's Avatar
    I say congrats and hope you get it. The experience you get in mangement will definately help down the road.
  4. FauxPas's Avatar
    AMC looks at it this way, the experience I get as a Supervisor is supposed to prepare me to be a Manager, then Manager is supposed to prepare me for Senior Manager, then General Manager after that. They took away the Senior Manager position, but they want someone who will stay with the company. I have to say I never really saw myself as a GM, but honestly think I could do it if I tried.
  5. oleman72's Avatar
    It sounds like you have a great opportunnity. Now if you get the promotion all you need to do is apply yourself and keep on moving
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