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Hmm, I'm not sure if I should update this with any non-diaper details or not. But to keep things interesting, I have a diaper related update

I decided it's finally time to determine which diapers are my really favorite. Can't really claim a favorite if there are others you haven't tried. I got sample packs of Molicare, Attends and Bellissimo, as those are the major brands I haven't tried yet. Hopefully they'll be here this weekend and I'll be able to formally choose a favorite.

Thinking about it more, I think it'd really be hard to choose a definite favorite. Each diaper is my "favorite" in different categories. So far, I've tried M4's, Teddys and Classicos, among other store brands.

M4's are definitely the best comfort-wise. When I take on the mindset of an adult in need of diapers (as many DLs do), an M4 would be my diaper of choice. Easily the most comfortable diaper I've worn (which isn't saying much considering it's between three at this point). Molicare may take it's place, though. The light purple color gives it a sort of "medical" feel, which would be good for the mindset of physical need.

Teddys are my favorite when age-playing to the age of a toddler, which I do more often than roleplaying an adult in need. The teddy prints are just too cute, and really help me feel younger (and along with my teddy, paci and onesie, best feeling ever!). The Classicos really aren't on my list: they're prints are alright in my opinion, and they feel the same as Teddys (considering besides the print, they ARE the same).

Anyways, after typing about diapers, I'm starting to feel pretty little I'm in a teddy diaper down in the university cafeteria right now, but I think I'm gonna head up to my dorm, grab my teddy, and snuggle


  1. Trevor's Avatar
    I wholly endorse trying new diapers. Everyone's butt is different and while you can compare very basic details and broad strokes from pictures, reviews, and product information, there's no substitute for trying them. It should be a good time
  2. oleman72's Avatar
    I'm a firm believer in trying samples of various diapers. That way you can make your own decisions what works
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