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Just another chapter in my own story.

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Good morning to my fellow readers.

I am feeling depressed this morning, and have a few momments while I wait for a loar of laundry to finish washing.

I had another one of my lovely exspensive weekends. I am typing on my wifes lap top because to start the weekend My monitor all of a sudden started hissing then a big crack and nothing. So now I need a new monitor. Then I went to mow the lawn. I had to wait most of the ay for the dew to dry off then I took the battery charger of the riding lawn mower and started in. I got a big whopping 200 feet mowed and the bloody thing died. So I pushed it back up the hill to the house and put the battery charge back on.
Of course it was dead, so I let it charge over night and just hoped that it was not the aldernator or the battery that was shot. So I got up Sunday morning, made breakfast and enjoyed watching the kids easter egg hunt. I got the ham into the oven with a apple juice spice mix, and a leg of lamb grouton with a mint and mediterain dry fruit stuffing. (sorry for the spelling, and the spell check on here does not like my computers) So after that I went outside to mow for a while, while the meat cooked. I had a full charge so now to see if that was the problem. It start right up, so off I go to mow the lawn. I drove all of about 50 ft and bang. THe engine stops and I knew this wasn't going to be good. Sure enough I started the engine again and it turned over but it was turning way to fast and not ignighting. Yup!!! As sure as I can be I had to have buste the piston shaft. Needless to say I got real depressed, and now I have to mow the 3/4 acre lawn and garden with the push mower.

I went to bed early (IN MY DIAPER) and read for a while and finally went to sleep about two hours later. We are going to the beach for spring break and I am going to do my grounding exersizes, and hopefully come back refreshed.

So enough with my whinning, and besides I HAVE TYPED FOR ABOUT 5 MINUTED AND (just hit the damn cap lock instead of the shift button AGAIN) this blasted computer should do its lovely lock up thing in a few seconds.

I must remember my signature line that my best friend/father figure/an more of a college advisor then my college advisor taught me; Illagitumus non-carborundum! Don't let the basterds grind you down!

See yall in three days


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    Sorry about the icky circumstances. I'm jealous about the food you ate though, it sounds so delicious! Don't let the sad things bring you down, no no. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.