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This is like a dream.

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Hello , everyone!
It's have been quite long since i last come in here.
My weeks have been becoming quite hectic ,so, yeah..

Anyhow, lets make a quick summary.
In few weeks earlier from my absence, i have :
- went into some local (imported goods) store, get some (and my first) 2008 huggies pullups which is sex oriented, (i grabbed the girls one, and you must look at my face when i found that such thing existed in my country,priceless.) bought it,(18USD for 13 pants, thats, yeah, Robbery -_-)in 4t-5t size, and fits me like my other underwear. I have to give thanks to my God for my slim posture LOL.

- mamypoko pants sex oriented size xxxl (yes,triple x L) have been released in my country last week. Bought some (10USD for 12 pants, way cheaper than pullups, picked girls one (again).) and tried one .. It BARELY fits. When i tried to sit down,one of its sides broke a bit but then i can move freely. One thing that surprised me, it really holds a lot. A LOT, i mean i tried to peed in it once , and it doesn't leak, even after i released all of my bladder ..

And save the best for the last
I joined local AIESEC at my university last week. (for those who don't know : ) for their GDCP (google or check, meaning i'm going for a student exchange soon! (Ah, i forgot to write this at my intro page, but i also loves to travel :p and i only have to abroad once , and that country is just about 1 hr flight from Indonesia (Singapore, you got that right) and i think i love to fly, i'm so wanting to feel those long hour flight, even that my friends already told me that long flight is a tiring one.)i have decided that i'm going to eastern/central europe, but haven't decided for the country yet. Do you have any suggestions? Comment here if you have some, as that will be very helpful to me !

Ohmygosh, travelling to EU, alone? I hope that this is not a dream...

Well, so much for the summary as it's already 11pm here, i guess i'm going to sleep now, and vanishing again for awhile , as midterm exam is coming up


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