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Not the typical DL furry, am I just that type around here?

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I am one of those diaperfurs who strictly sticks to the diaper wearing and using concept but nothing else. No clothing, no pacis, no bottles, no babytalk, no regression, none of that nonsense.

It's mostly the babytalk and the cute/cub AB style (IE Tavimunk) art that is off putting even at, which is why I don't use as much anymore because the typical responses are not in normal, non-babytalk responses.

So, it makes me question whether I am one of those DFs on this forum or not and there has to be more who are similar or like me here, right?


  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    If your aim is to find others like yourself, it might be simpler to directly address what you are rather than discuss everything you aren't and/or don't like. Also, Tavimunk is a member here, and as an AB community, there are many here who are into the pacis, bottles, baby talk, regression, etc. To call these things "nonsense" and "off-putting" is to assume a rather unfriendly stance.

    Just sayin'.
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