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Regressing Under Stress

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Well, Iím sure my job is currently killing me at a very slow rate due to the huge amounts of stress and worry these days. Of course, being the person I am, I tend to just take it and roll with the punches, no matter the size of my headache.

I have noticed Iíve been increasing on my ďadult babyĒ activity a little bit more now than I ever have. Just within this year alone Iíve spent close to if not already over $500.00 on AB clothing and gear. Less than a year ago, I didnít even care if I wore a diaper or not, but now they stay on my mind, even if Iím too lazy to actually put one on.

I know I hear a lot of stories about how turning to your AB side is a huge stress reliever, but at the same time, itís almost like Iím being ďforced into itĒ in a sense. Another thing Iíve noticed, where diapers and acting like a baby used to be just a sexual turn on to me, NOW I can ďrelieveĒ myself and still be in the same mindset for wanting to be a baby, when not too long ago, those feelings would fade shortly after.

Iím not worried or upset in the least, but I find this all rather interesting, as I always thought it was a hoax that such feelings could automatically amplify to such a degree.

In closing, I guess as long as itís not hurting anyone and Iím not ether A. Trying to push it off on others or B. Constantly taking risks to ďoutĒ myself, then Iím pretty safe.

Just when you ďthinkĒ you know yourself, eh?



  1. Cottontail's Avatar
    Let me just say that I know what you mean. My own job has been trashing me lately, to the extent that my wife and I have devised a two-year plan to semi-retire (do less-stressful things and adjust our lifestyle accordingly). In the last year or so, I've observed a similar tendency in myself to relieve stress via diapers. Like you, I didn't regard diapers and baby things as stress-relief tools until recently, but... yep! We never stop learning things about ourselves, it would seem! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.