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A Word on Talent Shows - Please Read

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[SIZE=3][FONT=Times New Roman]This a letter that has been written by no one and probably will be read by no one at American Idol, The X Factor, or The Voice.

Ever since the day American Idol broadcasted in 2002, a new stream in the business, both musicaly and commerically, has been released. It has come with both a positive and a negative effect. By seducing viewers as young as five to these broadcasts, I have seen firsthand (before I decided to stop wasting my time) these shows purposely blow off overweight people, latinos, and those with other physical traits not desirable by Hollywood. Let me ask, what kind of role model is that? You could be a 400 pound fatso with the voice of Jesus himself and yet you would be kicked off for not resembling another Justin Bieber or Ryan Reynolds look.

Also over the duration these shows have been on the air, much interest in narrow-mindness in other genres outside the Carrie Underwood-Nicki Minaj spectrum. Now while I understand maybe its not the most profitable, lets for a second Simon think "hmm, maybe rock musicians rent necessarily into the guts and gore but not necessarily into continuously talking about missing someone or some other romantic bit." Yes, theres an idea. So these shows are purely built off acapella, thats good the only problem is, maybe there is another instrument that helps that voice shine. By automatically rejecting bringing in a digital piano or a guitar into the picture is looking into the glass half full.

Lets question the criticisms given.

Every week, is a script written with mindless insults and complete ignorance? I want you judges to think for a second maybe that person has worked very hard to get where he/she is today. When you say one of those mindless insults to get a tv rating, another viewer I might add, in return you are scarring someones hopes, someones dreams. Imagine judges when you were young, your parents gave you the criticisms you give that hardworking souls onstage. You dont only crush their spirit, you scar their self esteem. They are humiliated on national TV for no more of another reason than to get a review in the newspaper about how good that episode was.

If this goes nowhere further than outside the hard skulls of the viewers, let me thank you for your time and I hope that you share this with your friend and pass it along in the word of mouth. Maybe, just maybe it will get to someones computer in LA.

- Balto [/FONT][/SIZE]


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    If you look at really great musicians, you'll find that most of them really can't sing well anyway. Even the most amazing voice is pretty much useless if the music is bad. =P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.