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Not well...

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I've been under the weather lately... Thrown up more this week then i ever have -_-
This is making it rather hard to hunt seals... or do anything else T_T
I demand everyone's pity!


  1. Pojo's Avatar
    I'll have to talk with my Pity Consultants before I go throwing out any pity to anyone
  2. Mysterious's Avatar
    Wow that sucks. Hope you feel better some time soon dude! And go ahead and call or text whenever.
  3. Manigeitora's Avatar
    Oh noooooo mah unfy wunfy is sick!

    This is unacceptable
  4. Unfused's Avatar
    Thank you everyone (and maybe Pojo) for the pity. I'm feeling alot better now, so there's no need to worry =)

    ...And the weather is currently quite suckish over here... Hence, my being under it. =)
  5. Pojo's Avatar
    The Pity finally cleared through, here's your Pity

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