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Poetry, my friend in the red boots

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New poem, i might edit this post writing, also need a title:

The wind blew down the cold dark streets, too the idle shadows
And oh the Scum, oh they did creep, through the hiding shadows
And they played the cold, Mr Frost, a distainful thing by nature

The Passerby looked idly by as he walked on past that alley,
But the Scum did seek that black heart beat
Of the unarmed Passerby.

This encounter did go badly,
And the Passerby he made no sound, seeing a friendly human face,
The Scum just stood and stared,
And he stared the Passerby down and he called to his friend,
Mr Frost, and he did clearly answer,
And the Passerby fell down and the wind did cry,
For the cruelty of the Scum who are nigh

For those who want to know, Frost represents violence, Scum is a plain clothes police officer, and Passerby is the poor 16 year-old who was shot by the police earlier this week fo possesion of a gun, even though eyewitnesses say he didn't, my heart goes out to the family and the witnesses who must be in shock.
This is from my Poetry thread in Stories in Progress

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