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so I saw a post and I wanna share something

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Well, in my personal thoughts, you guys in US have a pretty well organized laws.
In my country, we have no such thing as FBI or Pentagon etc etc etc. We only got one police department and some other millitary bases.
What about the laws? LOL, they're just some sh**s my country has and were almost likely have never been implemented correctly. You did a simple violation on the road (keep going while the traffic light shows red light), just give the police about 5 bucks and you'll pass. You killed somebody and you got money, you will only be prisoned for 2-3 months, while poor poeple will be prisoned for 5 years in the minimum.

Corruptions occured everywhere. When people who curropted got caught, they will only be prisoned for 2 years, while villagers who stole their neighbor's chicken or watermelon will be prisoned for 6 years.

Hard-liner religious people organization can do whatever they want, burn the churches, stab the priest, burn the temples for the sake of their 'God' while everybody knows this country is a democrative one, still, the government is too scared to arrest them. They even threatened Lady Gaga when she's about to do concerts here and she cancelled it just about 4 days before her concert (well I'm not a fan of her but this has crossed the line).

And for my last words in this post, Just be grateful, guys. You all are sooo lucky lol.


  1. gigglemuffinz's Avatar
    I totally agree with you. *hugs* I really am thankful to live in the country I live in for most reasons, this totally included. I'm however sorry the people with the problems see it that way. Though I'm thankful people with such passionate opinions exist, surely it's how much tehy believe in personal freedoms that really helps keep the government from accidentally stepping over the line to. I'm sure if that happens, they will be met with such passionate resistance.

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