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Today's performance...

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Wellll... I've been diaper-deprived for long enough, and decided I was gonna grab some while I was on my 2 hour break from classes.

So I drove to a Tesco a little out of town - one I knew i'd probably never be in again, or would never see anyone I knew, and picked up a pack of Drynites (not my first choice, but hey. They fit.)

And at that very moment one of my friends called me, and it made the whole process so much easier. I then carry on to the self-service checkout - as yee do - and no doubt... there was a bloomin' cashier standing at the end of the conveyor belt packing flippin' bags!
I was still on the phone, but she gave me the "who and what are these for?!?!" look.

But, to make the whole situation even better at that very moment, my friend asks "where are you just now anyway?" to which I replied, completely out of the blue "Just in Tesco, getting some stuff my mom wants me to get".

The sour-faced cashier clearly heard me and just carried on doing whatever she does.

But it was all just so perfectly timed. Could not have gone better. And I got my diapers. Hazaaah!

Just felt like sharing that story. It's certainly made me chuffed all afternoon!


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    Wewt n_n
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